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there was a what? and it was where?

I am working from home today, and decided to use the block of time that would ordinarily be spent commuting going for a run.  I got up at the usual time, and while coffee was brewing got my running clothes from the balcony.  (Shortly after we moved in J rigged a laundry line out there for me because post-run clothes tend to be stinky.)  I've learned that it's best to get the clothes inside sooner for a morning run, so they're not dewy or cold when it's time to put them on.

I ate, read the internet a little, and went to get dressed.  I had my shorts and sports bra on when I felt, something, at my sacrum.  It was almost like a tickle and I figured it was just a loose thread.  So I reached into the waist band with my hand to sweep the thread out of the way.

A moth flew out of the back of my shorts.

I managed not to shriek though I did back out of the bathroom rapidly.  When I peeked back in there was a largish brown moth on the shower curtain.  Who had been in my shorts.  Who apparently hadn't been disturbed when I brought the shorts inside or was taking the shorts off the hanger or putting them on.  Nope.

The moth is still in the apartment somewhere, probably all freaked out by the weird, new environment.  Seems like karma to me.
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