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past tense
mirror girl  Rockwell
This past Monday was an important day for me, while being utterly normal in most aspects, because it was an anniversary.  It was on June 2, 2009 that I was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer.

In terms of cancer (or at least the one I had) five years is a big deal as it marks a major transition point.  When I saw my endo doc this spring I confirmed that time frame, and asked what day I should count from, since the summer of 2009 had a lot of events surrounding this issue.  She told me that traditionally everything counts from diagnosis.

So for the past several years, if you had asked for some reason, I would have told you, “I have cancer that has been fully in remission for X amount of time”.

But as of Monday I get to tell you, “I had cancer”.

Nothing has changed, but words matter.

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Yay! That's awesome! :D Words definitely matter.

Right? I am super excited, but it's also an odd thing to share so mostly my husband and I went out for cheeseburgers.

Words certainly do matter!

Hello! and I forget how much I adore dancing Boreanaz until I haven't seen him for a while. Thanks, good sir.

That is fantastic!! I like these new words very much.

Honestly they still feel strange, like I'm cheating somehow. But I'm certain I'll get used to them soon. Thanks lady.

Those are good words!! And there was much yaying throughout the land!

They are awesome words! J and I celebrated by going out for a cheeseburger and fries. Thanks, lady!

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