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The subject of this post is how many miles I ran this morning.  Various parts would hurt for a while and then the pain would fade and then sometimes come back. (Hi knees, I know you're cranky about the hills, sorry.  Ankles, that's new.  Ohmigod my right glute/hip what is happening!)  I'm getting better about timing out Gu and water and also carried gatorade today which might have been the best idea ever.  Staying focused for all of that time is the newest challenge, my mind starts to drift and my body tries to take over and slow way down.  But I finished, in a reasonable time for me even - 3:41:23 which is 11:04 minutes per mile.  And I felt good at the end, like I could maybe have kept going though I was really glad I didn't have to.

I'm sore, I've iced my knees once and will be doing it again, as well as laying down with my legs up the wall for a while.  I am getting up to move around pretty regularly so I don't stiffen into an entirely non-moving thing.  Steps are not my friend.  I am not certain that entirely sane people run 20 miles all at once.

But it was doable.  Which is amazing.

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Wow. That's amazing. I'm 100% sure I couldn't run for 20 minutes. Good for you!!

Thank you. It's a lot, but apparently all the slow buildup training is doing what it's supposed to.
And randomly speaking of your icon, I watched a movie with Kiefer in it this morning, Dark City. It was really good.

My knees hurt in solidarity!

(or, you know, my knees just suck.)


I think my knees may be transmitting sympathetic pain to anyone who thinks about them at this point, so sorry.

People for non-sucky knees unite!

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