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I've been meaning to write an actual update for a little over a week and it keeps not happening.  So bullet points it is!

- For the first time ever I was awake for both the sunrise and sunset on summer solstice.  I made a point of watching out the east windows in the am and J and I went for a walk after dinner.  I didn't actually see an orb break the plane of the horizon either time, northern CA dusk and dawn cloudiness prevented that, but there was something lovely about witnessing the beginning and end of the longest day.  Before the sunrise always seemed impossibly early in the summer, now it's just when I get up for work.
- I ran a 10k on June 22nd.  6.2 miles seems deliciously short given the marathon training I've been doing, and I wasn't quite sure how to pace myself for a shorter distance but I was certain I could set a new PR.  And I did.  By nearly five minutes, which is astonishing cool; my new 10k PR is 57:06!
- I had mentioned here in late March that J and I were being good about food (mostly just counting all the calories) from equinox to solstice.  I set up my daily calorie goal to have me losing a half pound a week.  From first weigh in to last I'm 6.4 pounds lighter - which is a little scary in its accuracy.  I'm amused that we also did a span of time last fall to get ready for the wedding, but I did better this time.  Apparently a marathon is better motivation than wedding pictures (or the training just burns a lot more calories).
- Last week we had people from the main PA office in town.  Between that and a few other social plans already in the calendar I ate out more in the last week than I had in the rest of the month of June.  So it was good that solstice was right before that - heh.
- One of those social plans was seeing the Neil Gaiman reading in SF "The Truth is a Cave in the Black Mountains".  The whole evening was wonderful, I left with new books and a CD by the string quartet.  But it was a little past my bedtime when it finished at 11p.  I've become one of those people, the people I made fun of when I worked in theater.  It was a reminder of how much my life has changed in the past two years.
- Saturday I ran 23 miles.  That's the longest run I'll be doing before the race itself.  My lower right calf started to hurt around mile 15, which is new, but it was still runnable.  It's astonishing what a difference good weather makes - here defined as low 60s and overcast - and this run felt better than either my 20 or 21.  Now to taper - this weekend's long run is 'only' 18.

Okay, I think that's all the things that have been wanting to get out of my head. 
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