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thank you and weekend update
I got a thing in the mail!  I am playing in the (totally unofficial) LJ Idol gift exchange that lrig_rorrim set up and a box arrived for me last week!  In it I found two books: Wicked, which is awesome because my old copy got lost somewhere in the wilds of post-college moving, and Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass, which I'm not certain I've read.  I know the stories of course, but I don't think I've ever actually read Carroll, only picture book versions, and other people playing in the world he created.  So a huge thank you to Ms. x_disturbed_x for being so on it and sending me wonderful books.  This also kick-started me into working on my gift to send for the exchange; I hope to get it into the mail this coming weekend.  I still need to do a thing first, though.

In other news, the weekend here was pretty normal: running, errands, grocery shopping, a movie to watch.  I also pre-made and froze a lot of sweet potato bacon tots for a barbeque/game night this weekend; it's a good thing those tots are really yummy because they're a bit of a pain in the ass, especially when made in party quantities.  And J and I went to the Cal Academy  to see their new exhibit on skulls.  It was astonishingly cool, incredibly well curated, and I learned new things.  If you're in the Bay Area between now and the end of November you should totally go, it's fascinating.  The whole Academy is a wonderful place (J and I are members) and every time we go we manage to see something new even in their regular exhibits that we had somehow missed before.


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