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The marathon is this weekend.  I have been very carefully getting ready in a variety of ways, some standard[1] and some less so[2].  And some things that are just silly.

The back story: my 23 mile training run was easier than either my 20 or 21.  There are several very logical reasons for this[3], but also there was a rainbow that morning.  I saw it for several miles on my drive to the trail, and another rainbow hovered on the other side of the reservoir for the first few miles of the run.  I understand the science behind rainbows, but they’re still magical, and seeing one still makes me giddily happy.  So, in trying to duplicate all the best things about my training into race day, I was wondering how to guarantee a rainbow.

Monday night I sat down with various bottles of nail polish and did my toes.  From the rusty orange on the big toes to the purple on the pinkies[4], my feet are now a rainbow.  No one will be able to see it, heck even I won’t be able to see it, but I will have a rainbow with me for the whole race.

Magic and silliness, what else do I need?

[1] Careful menu planning this week, mapping out where I want to eat vs. where the race has aid stations, getting to bed earlier
[2] I’m going to a wedding this Saturday and realized over the past weekend that the only dressy shoes I own are heels, which will not do, so I went shoe shopping; for the race.
[3] Cooler weather, better rest in the days before, thinking about the distance in segments instead of one giant thing
[4] I am sure it says something about me that the one rainbow color I don’t own in nail polish is anything like a true red, while I had a multitude of choices for both green and blue.
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