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Huh - I haven't posted anything but Idol stuff here in a while.  I know why, there was some stuff happening in August that shouldn't be discussed publically and therefore I just stopped saying anything, but that's silly.  So...

-I'm running again, after several weeks off after the marathon.  I keep thinking I'm still at pre-marathon levels of fitness and training which has kicked me in the ass once or twice (no, I'm not ready for two-a-days again right now) but things are going well.  Still aiming for a half in early November.

-Last weekend we essentially had an adult sleepover at a new friends' house, and spent the time playing games, watching some football, and eating and drinking well.  A friend in Colorado hosts an EGaD (eating, gaming, and drinking) weekend in the spring, we're thinking we need to start doing the same thing here, and see if we can get enough people coming that the streams will overlap.

-We went camping in August.  I hadn't been tent camping since high school and some things have definitely changed.  When J said he was going to put up the tent, I took a quick bathroom break preparing for the next hour of tent construction.  Instead he was nearly done by the time I got back.  Nifty.

-My office still hasn't moved.  So far we're at five official move dates, four of which have passed and the one on Monday seems unlikely to stick either.  So we remain in this weird state of flux: I don't want to restock anything, but now that we've been moving any time now for eight weeks we're low on things and just guh.  Really I just want it to be done at this point.  When anyone asks about the move my current answer is "I don't know.  I'll start packing when I see a truck outside."

-The power went out for an hour last night around midnight.  I woke up in the midst of it and quickly knew something wasn't right but couldn't figure out what.  Then I realized, it was silent.  Weird.  Luckily it wasn't out for long so no major issues (though I was afraid I may have lost the edits on my Idol piece / wouldn't be able to get to it before the deadline).
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