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Today is our first wedding anniversary.  We had several sets of maybe plans leading up to this weekend but they all fell through, which is kind of wonderful.  It's just us and no deeds to do.

I never posted a lot about the wedding, in part because it took over my brain so completely and I didn't want this to become a wedding planning blog.  (I thought I wouldn't be that person, until I was a little bit that person.)  One of the things we spent a lot of time on was the ceremony itself.  Neither J nor I practices any religion, but members of both our families do, so figuring out what we could use that honored where we came from and who we are took some time, and was a wonderful exercise as we looked through books and online and read things to each other.  In the end we used snippets from "The Song of Hiawatha", the Book of Common Prayer, Mark Twain, and a Commitment Reading of the Pueblo Indian, along with the classic standard vows.

There is a piece of poetry that didn't fit into the ceremony, it is way too formal and the references too classic, but I still think of the last line when I think of J.

"Let me be told of:
I am a worthy woman who has been together
with a worthy man."*

One year.  Greedily, I want a hundred more.

*(from 'Finally a Love Has Come' by Sulpicia)
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