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- The office move still has not happened.  Our first move date was Aug 11 and we've gone past six official move dates since then.  We're still moving, someday.

- I tweaked my left knee running.Several weeks ago I ran twice in one day to make up for a run I was going to miss later in the week.  That's when the left knee started being cranky, but it was always background pain and stopped as soon as I did.  Then a little over a week ago I ran a trail 10K that has 1468' of elevation gain/loss.  It's not the uphill, it's all that down.  I think I ended up running at a slight angle to the hill going down, which doesn't help.  My left knee hurt by the finish, I iced it and I pulled back on miles last week, but I still ran all three days.  Saturday I went out for what was supposed to be 12 by my training plan, that I had already decided wouldn't be more than 10 and ended up being 6.5 with a long walk to get back to the car.  At one point in the walk I tried to pick up the pace and run again, nothing doing.  Ouch.  The outside/back of my left knee is not okay.So now I am taking time off for reals, and icing, stretching, and generally being nice to my knee.  The pain has been moving around my knee and mid-leg which I take as a good sign, it really is overuse and not a single specific thing I've strained.  I'm telling myself I can't run again until it goes at least 24 hours without twinging, but I want to run.  I also don't want to come back too soon and do this all again in a month so I'm working on my patience.

- This spring I got new glasses, but I never got into the habit of wearing them.  I put them on recently and - I don't like them much.  They're not awful, but they aren't super flattering and the color looks a little different in real life than it did at the eye doctors.  My old pair is fine, and will probably make it for a couple more years so I guess these can just stay as a back up but ugh.  I always get super nervous picking out glasses because I know I''ll have to live with them awhile, this is the first miss I've had in a long time.

- I am backing this kickstarter for a new anthology to be titled Temporally Out of Order.  There's still time to get in as a backer (it closes tomorrow morning) but I wanted to mention it specifically because they will be accepting open submissions for seven slots.  Here are the details on that, I can think of several people on my flist who could write stories that would fit right into the theme.

- One other kickstarter reference/recommendation: Just Getting Good by Valerie Vigoda.  It promises to be a fabulous album, I have seen her perform with the live-looping software before and it's astonishing what one woman and a violin can do.  Full disclosure - I know Val having stage managed the world premieres of two shows she was in - both of those were with the three piece band Groovelily.  She is good people.

- It's windy and cloudy and almost-but-not-quite stormy here.  I have missed this weather. 
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