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sometimes the solution is worse than the problem

- We've had ongoing issues with raccoons in the backyard behind the apartment building.  They come for the pear tree and bring all their fleas, as well as having occasional raucous fights.  So the landlord put a trap in the corner of the yard behind a tree.  Great idea, right?  Except raccoons are nocturnal so they get into the trap at 3-4am, and then proceed to scream/cry for the rest of the night.  Unhappy raccoons are loud, they trill almost like birds and have the tone quality of a small child.  Did I mention that this trap is about 30' from our bedroom windows?

So far two raccoons have been caught, two nights of sleep partially ruined.  We have figured out that if we turn both the fans in the bedroom on to high it will drown out most of the noise.  I feel bad because I get that the beasties are scared and trapped but also I just want them to shut up and go away.

- My knee is getting better, just not as quickly as I'd like it to.  I am running again, but mostly on the treadmill to lessen the impact, and have cut back on mileage drastically.  I am registered for a half-marathon next Sunday, my current plan is to run what I can, probably about half, and walk the rest.  Then I'm going to run into (heh) some bigger decisions: I have been planning to run the Oakland full marathon in the spring, but the training plan for that starts in just a few weeks.  I don't want to commit myself to anything that will keep me running injured so I'm going to have to re-evaluate in about a month to see where I am at.  I had a slate of races planned leading up to Oakland that timed out really nicely, it would be a bummer to let it go, but there's always next year I suppose.  I'm working really hard on being a grown up about this, and I'm succeeding mostly.

- It's been gray and rainy here all day and it's fabulous.  I realize that rain on Halloween is not ideal for other reasons but I love the idea of washing away the old year.  Also, when it's sunny for too long I get antsy, I need cloudy days sometimes.
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