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-I am still adjusting to the time shift.  I'm going to bed with the standard time clock, but still waking up at the DST programmed time in my brain.  I've literally looked at my alarm clock at 4:44am for the past two days.  I'm able to nap for the remaining time until my alarm actually goes off, but I'm hoping my body resets soon, the drabs of  lost sleep will catch up to me eventually.

-I have made a very grown-up decision about my knee and the race this weekend, and I've almost made my peace with it even.  When I go to the expo on Friday I'm going to switch events from the half to the 5k.  There's no point in run/walking 13 miles and possibly injuring myself even more.  Currently I can run 3 miles without it hurting, so that's what I'm going to do.

-Speaking of the knee, I got new running shoes on Sunday, and went out in them for the first time last night.  The first run in new shoes is always odd, they inevitably feel wrong under your feet for a few miles and are so much more bouncy! I went to my regular store and stepped through their whole shoe fitting system.  Interestingly they put me back into stability shoes.  The previous shoes I wore this summer and for the marathon were neutral and they were the first time in years I wasn't in stability shoes.  I had 540ish miles on the newly retired shoes, and the neutral vs. stability correction could be part of what contributed to my knee issues, which is annoying, but another piece of the puzzle.  I also went back to the in-store personally molded inserts instead of factory made ones, hopefully the extra cash is worth it.

-Election day yesterday was odd.  I vote by mail these days so I never went to a polling place, and it generally seemed like no one was paying any attention.  I hardly saw anyone wearing 'I voted' stickers.  There weren't any real surprises in how the CA state stuff turned out, and I didn't have much on my local ballot, but still.

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Sorry you're hurting. Yeah, I've been making the "grown up choice" lately, too....and it's a drag. Yoga and my blown discs are NOT friends.

Weirdly it's just a mild intermittent ache that is entirely ignorable most of the time, until I run more than 3.5 miles. So it's frustrating more than painful.

However, back pain is the worst! Ugh I'm so sorry. It blows to have to stop doing something that you enjoy and is good for you because it's bad for some small part.

What kind of yoga do you practice? I found an Iyengar teacher last year that I love, that and a regular schedule have finally gotten me doing yoga regularly.

My husband has a similar limiting frustration with his knee.

My back pain is chronic and for the most part I'm okay with it. I don't "do" drugs and gave up on PT years ago...although one discectomy did work...I think I will always have sciatica. But I've tried to NOT let it determine what I do with my body. We rode mules for years, I ski, walk, swim, dance...but this basic yoga is just not working for me and it's making me very emotional.

Good for you and a regular Iyengar! What a workout!

I'm impressed that you know your body and mind well enough to say, here's what has worked and what hasn't, and I'm going to do as many things as I can anyway. It's a wonderfully positive approach.

But yeah, finding a thing you want to do that doesn't work for your body is always tough. I've been lucky to not have had running injuries that set me back more than a week before now, accepting that this is going to take however damn long it wants to get better is requiring more mental energy than I expected.

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