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this week in review
- Last Sunday I did run the 5k race in Berkeley.  I finished in 30:01, which is awesome for me.  Sadly the 5k course was mostly up or down hill which is one of the things my knee is not so fond of; I was hurting by the finish.  It was weird to be at a race with J with him running further than me, that's never happened before.  I watched him start, hung out waiting for my start time, raced, and then grabbed my water and bagel and walked over to the half finish line, and got there in time to see him cross.  I forget how much fun being a spectator can be.

- The knee hurting again was the push I needed to schedule an appointment with a sports doctor, who I saw on Thursday.  He talked me through all the parts of a knee with a 3D model (the models and images are always of right knees).  Then he checked all the mobility on my right side as a base level, more than once he made a comment about my being only 41 all wistfully, as I don't feel physically young all that often any more it was rather nifty.  He commented that both my right hamstring and IT band were unusually tight, particularly surprising for a woman.  Then we did the left side.  No bone problems, no ligament problems (my biggest fear).  The cartiledge that is like a teflon coating on the bone ends and the back of the knee cap does have some issues, my left knee crackles and pops a bit at a certain point in its motion, but that's wear, and not the cause of my current issues.  Then he looked at my left hamstring and IT band.  Yup, even tighter than the right.  He's sending me to physical therapy for a month and that will hopefully fix things.  If it doesn't there is a possiblity of a micro tear in the cartiledge that he can't detect in an exam and we'll do an MRI.  Mostly I'm amused because after a year and a half of yoga my hamstrings are so much better than they used to be.

- I also went to a new to me dentist last week - no cavities!

-To complete the medical visits I went to donate blood yesterday. For the first time in a very long time, they missed the vein in my right arm.  I have a spiel I do when I sit in the chair because my veins are small and futzy, and everyone's favorite likes to duck and roll, and this was a new guy.  The moment he put the needle in I could tell he had missed, and after one adjustment he tagged out to person two, who tagged out to person three and no luck.  So they bandaged the right arm and I offered the left, the woman who did it (who hadn't done anything on the right side) found the vein super easily and done.  Sometimes I feel like they purposely send me the new people to haze, heh. A gentleman who was there was donating his 100th unit of whole blood, that's amazing.

- After the blood-letting J and I ran errands and made our way south to a friends for food/game night.  This month's food was corn chowder and scones with bacon, green onion, jalepeno, and either cheddar or blue cheese (with a few unbaconed).  So yummy.  We played Sentinels of the Multiverse and managed to kill the bad guy, though only 3/5 of the heroes survived.

- Oh and the office move is now happening in probably, possibly, maybe December.  But not next week.  Seven move dates down, hopefully only one more to go.

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I'm curious about what kind of training you do for a run like that - I've always wanted to do one, but I really need to get in better shape. Very impressive, I'm in awe of people that can complete marathons XD

I hate when blood donations go bad! I force myself to donate even though I hate needles, so a foul-up with the needle sticking is bad times in my books! Glad you're okay though :)

Before I hurt my knee I was running 4 days a week and doing Yoga 2 days. I usually work from training plans I find online and modify. There are 5k plans that assume you've never run a step, and marathon plans that start you at 40 miles a week (that's not me).

Yeah, I feel like donating is something I can and should do (I'm O-) so I keep going back. I once asked the nurses if I was more trouble than it was worth and they told me emphatically not, that I should keep coming, so I do. Today the left arm is completely fine, the right has a little bruise and is a bit sore, but nothing awful.

Oh yes! I remember awhile back when I was doing a training thingy that was called Couch to 5k... After a month I was running solidly for 10 minutes without stopping and without freaking out... (that's really good for me, srsly) Perhaps I'll try to take up with it again! <3

those scones sound soooo good. even with the jalapenos. i mean, bacon and green onion and cheddar? sign me up!

i can't even imagine how long it takes to donate 100 units of blood, voluntarily. yowza.

There wasn't a whole lot of jalapeno and it was chopped fine, so it just added a little bit of kick.

We did the math, if you went as soon as you were eligible every time (can donate after 8 weeks) it would take 15.5 years. Personally I aim to donate 5 times a year which leaves me with some wiggle room; it'll be a long time before I get to 100.

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