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verily, verily I say onto thee, be healed

* We were in Colorado for Thanksgiving this year, which was a lot of fun.  It's a bit odd because it means I haven't cooked anything for Thanksgiving in several years, I pitch in whenever someone needs a hand and do lots of dishes, but otherwise I mostly stay out of the way of the cooks.  This year that meant I spent time knitting and watching football, heh.

* I brought a cold back from Colorado with me - meh.  It's a pretty miserable one, all phlemgy, and I'm ready for it to be over now.  I'm pretty sure my niece gave it to me since I had to help her blow her nose several times.  It was me on nose blowing duty because just after lunch she climbed into my lap and stayed there until we left that evening.  I don't see her very often so I'm not quite certain why she claimed me for the day but it was very sweet, if infectious.

* The subject line of this post was J's comment a few nights ago when we had to pause what we were watching for my coughing fit.  Somehow we got from there, through a weird variety of topics to me saying: schlemeel, schlemazel, hassenfeffer incorporated.  J stared at me strangely, while I was wondering why he wasn't immediately starting to sing.  Turns out he never watched "Laverne & Shirley".  I miss fun TV theme songs, and this is one of my favorites.

* I finally started holiday shopping on Saturday.  Of course, because most of what I am buying has to be shipped to WI I usually try to have everything done by the 10th, which makes this year a particularly small window.  And because the nieces and nephews are at an age where they have opinions about these things, I need to make sure I'm buying stuff from places where they can return/exchange if needed, which cuts the options down out here.  I was tempted to just do one giant Amazon order, but then the return/exchange thing is an issue.  So I have a few more stores to stop in on my way home from work tonight, then ideally tomorrow is wrapping and boxing, and Wednesday is mailing.  That might be ambitious.

* I've started going to PT for my knee.  Ben took me through a variety of diagnostic tests, with a result that isn't unexpected.  There isn't anything drastically wrong with the knee, there are some kinks to be worked out in the back and hips which are likely radiating down, and I have exercises to do that concentrate on stretching out my hamstrings/IT bands, and stregthening my core and the little stabilization muscles.  I've also started reading Chi Running and while I don't know that I buy all of it so far, the stuff in there about posture already has me sitting up straighter when I think about it.  So apparently the knee pain is going to be the start of me tearing down my running form and then rebuilding it in a more efficient way.  Not a bad thing.  Also, I went out for a run last week around the park, Ben's theory is that if it only hurts sharply when I'm running, then I need to run, hopefully pain free, to prove that things are getting better.

* I am always a little amused when my female co-worker and I start talking about our fantasy football teams on a Monday morning, which usually leads into discussion about the rest of football.  I enjoy the fact that most of my 'talk football' friends are ladies.  My fantasy team is in the playoffs and conveniently I need the Packers to have a good game tonight to win the week, it's always nice when you don't end up cheering against your own team for fantasy reasons.  Of course if I win this week I an defeating my husband's team.  Luckily neither of us is too competitive about fantasy.
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