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I'm sitting on a train that is at this moment 45 minutes delayed (and we're not moving so that number is only going up). A train hit a car in an intersection, no one was hurt, apparently the people in the car were able to get clear - though I haven't heard why the car could drive on the tracks but not off.
My hubby is on the train in front of me, also stuck. We've made plans to meet at pub halfway home for dinner and a well deserved libation.
I wish that Caltrain had done a better job of notifying folks of the accident at the station before boarding the train. I don't know that I'd have done anything different but an option would have been nice.

We moved one station south while I typed this but are stopped again. They were single tracking around but I think that paused when the tow truck arrived to separate train from car.

So the car made a bad turn and wasn't across the tracks but on them in the direction of movement, and caught between the raised platforms on either side.  Had this happened in non commute times they could have either driven all the way through the station area or backed up to get to flat roadway to continue on their way, but that is why jumping out was the best option.  Which it was, but who turns onto narrow train tracks instead of an actual road?

By the time trains were moving freely again mine was running 78 minutes behind.  I did get off the train to meet my husband and his friend (perversely, just after everything had cleared and we were moving well) and the friend's wife also met up with us and we all enjoyed a drink.  Then she drove all of us home, which was lovely.
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