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feeling old
We were out of town this weekend to watch the Superbowl with friends.  The various kids in attendance mostly didn't care about football and only came in to watch the halftime show.

Said Ivy (who is 11) "Oh, they killed Cinna in the movies and now he's going to be a rock star?"

Every adult in the room was left speechless for a moment, and then we all started explaining that no, he was a rock star first.

Also I rather liked that version of 'I kissed a girl' and wanted more of it.
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Sadface! And I totally feel the same way about the Kravitz version XD

Her father was out of the room at the time, when he came back we told him what she had said. His response, "I have failed as a father".

For all the Lenny hype he didn't play nearly long enough.

*groaaaan* The next generation is doomed.

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