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doing it wrong
Ugh, daylight savings time you make me grumpy.  On the one hand I was really worn out on Saturday and having already turned my clocks forward allowed me to avoid the lameness of going to bed at 9:15p on a weekend.  But it had just started to be light out when I walk to the train at 6:30a and now it's dark again, which is a bummer.  I don't so much mind the concept, but I really hate it happening this early in the year.  It made more sense (or as much sense as it ever does) when it happened after Easter.

I have been knitting a hat.   I am travelling to the East coast for work in a few weeks and I don't own a good winter hat; given current conditions that will not do.  There's a slightly complex pattern from knitty.com that I had been looking for an excuse to knit, and at the Stitches West marketplace a few weeks ago I bought an alpaca blend skein of yarn (so soft) to work with.  I read through the pattern a few times before I began and knew there were a few new to me techniques in it, but nothing seemed that difficult.  My first wrap and turns were a little shaky, but they've gotten better and the crochet cast on was fine.  Yesterday I was at the stage where I had to 'pick up and knit' a lot of stitches, which isn't hard but futzy and annoying, so I figured I'd check in my answer book* to see if there was an easier way to do it.  After looking at the book a little disbelievingly I went on line and searched again.  Yup, I've been doing it wrong, for about 20 years (or from whenever I made my first pair of socks).  I'm a little boggled by that, but I went ahead and picked up stitches the way you're supposed to do it, which conveniently was easier than the wrong thing I have been doing, and kept knitting the hat.  But it makes me wonder what else I may have self-taught myself wrong.

Also yesterday I met up with a friend and her kids (ages 5 and 3) for a long walk on the trail I run on every weekend.  The kids walked for a bit, and then rode in the stroller, and were asking how many miles we had gone or hours we had walked from about ten minutes in.  C and I wanted to get a decent walk in (hence bringing the two seat stroller) but a little shy of where we planned to turn around and head back the 5yr old finally got everything we had been saying about distance and time and didn't want to go any further, because it would just be further we'd have to walk back.  Trying to cajole him into continuing I offered to race him to the next sign.  I forget that 5yr olds have two speeds, sprint and walk, and nothing in between.  But he would run for a burst and then pause, so while I was going a little faster than usual I wasn't maxing out my sprint speed.  We ran to the turnaround, and by then he was having fun racing so we proceeded to run in fits and starts for a mile of the return.  At one point he asked me why I knew the trail so well, and I told him I came there every weekend to practice running.  His response "If you practice so much why aren't you faster?"  Heh.  I was a good grown up and did not trip the child or tell him I was letting him win.

*Looking for that link I just found out there's a second edition.  I might need to upgrade.

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Pattern link? That happens to me all the time - us self-taught folks make things much harder for ourselves. My excuse, of course, was this was waaaaaaaaaaaay before the internet.

Yay for moving your body!

is the hat. I have discovered that I am a sucker for good names, it happened when I was buying yarn as well. The skeins with clever or fun names are always more appealing than yarn that is just as beautiful but only identified by dye lot numbers.

Edited at 2015-03-09 08:26 pm (UTC)

Oh, that's adorable! Looks complicated. Do you use graphs? Or line directions?

Yarn and paint colours are just like poetry!

When it comes to cables I find charts easier, though I can read both. I've finished all the complex parts of the hat now, there's just decreasing left.

I was supposed to only buy one skein of sock yarn, but one of the dyers there had named all of her colors this year after Firefly/Serenity references and I couldn't walk away from yarn called 'special hell' (It's red/rust/brown and really lovely). The other one I bought is mostly yellow and called 'sunny with a chance of peaches'.

Oh!!! Those are WONDERFUL names!!

Right? They had to come home with me.

There's another place that names all of their yarns after Shakespearean references, also very dangerous for me to visit.

Those are amazing. I am home now and just showed the pattern to my husband who now thinks maybe he wants Beowulf socks. Color work still scares me a little, but I suppose it's just following a chart.

His response "If you practice so much why aren't you faster?" Heh. I was a good grown up and did not trip the child or tell him I was letting him win. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL! Out of the mouths of babes, huh? ROFL.

He kind of has a point but also I can run a whole half mile without stopping and then I realized I was arguing in my head with a five year old and all you can do really is laugh.

Hopefully our running tired him out enough that he went to bed on time last night - part of the goal of the walk was helping them acclimate to DST.

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