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don't you know that when you play at this level there's no ordinary venue

 - I'm not certain why I have "One night in Bangkok" stuck in my head but it's been a few days.  I realized that I only own the Chess soundtrack on cassette (that I'm pretty sure was recorded from my college roomates' album!) and I should remedy that but then there's the problem of which soundtrack to buy since they're so different.  Hrmmm...

- Three weeks later and the dawn has just caught back up to my morning walk to the train.  It still amazes me what a difference there is mentally between leaving the house for work in the dark or in the (even barely) daylight, even though the clock says the same thing.

- I made it back from Pittsburgh, with my luggage, after only a two hour delay.  I came back with a cold - officially I've come back sick every time I've travelled to Pittsburgh for work.  Admittedly once I was sick when I got there but this is definitely a trend.  I'm not certain if it's something about the office or hotel, or the stress of working at the other end instead of travelling for a vacation, but I need to remember this next time and defensively load up on vitamen C and such.

- I am highly amused that my 13 year old niece has won my family NCAA bracket pool.  This weekend's games will determine who gets second, but she's already got first place locked up.  I've really been enjoying watching Wisconsin through the tournament so far; I love that they're such goofballs and seem like actual college students, as well as being very talented players.  If they play at their best they can absolutely beat Kentucky, but it's going to be a fun game whatever happens.  And while I understand why they pulled this shirt from the UW bookstore I really wish I had gotten one before it sold out, because it's awesome whatever the inspiration.  It also points up, yet again, that the NCAA is an antiquated system to oversee something that has changed entirely from where things began, and it needs to be fixed.

- My favorite new quote of the day "Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self-esteem, first make sure that you are not, in fact, just surrounded by assholes.” - William Gibson

- It's April Fools Day on the internet again.  If you don't regularly read XKCD I would recommend you check it out today - it's becoming a crowd sourced fabulous monster of a timesuck.  Apparently whatever Google has done is popular, it was down for a while.  This is when I'm happy to live on the West coast, most of the insanity has been fallen for, discovered, and exclaimed over before I ever get online for the day.
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