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will a poem a day keep the doctor away?
- I have had my last doctor's appointment for a while!  I have new insurance this year so I had to find a few new doctors and spring is when I usually do my girly appointments anyway. I've had an appointment a week since the beginning of March (general doc, ob-gyn, endo, mammogram, follow-ups) and I'm glad to be done.  Everything has been poked, prodded, and tested and all the results are happy.  Well nearly, there's one lab test they're waiting on insurance approval before I can go back in and give them my blood, and I need to get records transferred from a previous doctor but then that will be it.  Until the dentist in six weeks - heh.

- I am still a little bummed that WIsconsin lost on Monday night.  I think they were so excited to beat Kentucky on Saturday that they never quite got refocused on Duke.  Of course it didn't help that our shooting was cold all night either.

- OMG Justified!  We're caught up now and I have no idea how they're going to finish everything in just one more hour.  This is a show I will miss a lot when it's gone.

- I found out over the weekend that our tivo has been having issues with some of the season passes.  I went in to check that it would be recording Mad Men and it wasn't, at all.  I don't know if it can't see that the episodes are new, or if something had been recoded (it's an old season pass) but I set it up to catch the episodes manually.  I've been doing the same thing for Broadchurch actually and so I finally clued in that I should see if everything was recording.  Honestly J and I record a lot more tv than we watch, so with a few exceptions we mostly let shows accumulate and then watch in big chunks, which means its easy not to notice if an episode got missed.  Or a whole season - apparently whatever the issue was we don't have any of this season of The Walking Dead hanging out on the tivo like we thought.  Obviously we haven't been dying to watch it and I'm sure we'll be able to find it somewhere but it's still annoying.

- J and are starting another season of being good about food and exercise, this winter did both of us in a little.  As of Monday I started recording what I eat again, and the plan is to continue until at least solstice.  It always astonishes me what a difference simply writing all of my food down can make in my intake.  I'm also taking the week off alcohol - between friends in town for Easter and cheering for WI last weekend was boozy and I decided to reset.  I hadn't realized how accustumed to an adult beverage with dinner I had become, and I miss it a little, so my week might be only four days long (tues-fri).  But that's still something, right?

- A few flisters are writing for napowrimo, and I'm reading along and intrigued to try, but poetry and I have never really gotten along unless I play the part of appreciative audience.  Does reading a poem a day count?

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If it's my poetry, it might send you to the doctor. ;)

I don't think that's likely. A bottle maybe, either in celebration or horror, you can choose.

(I've been generally enjoying the poetry that's been on my flist this month, and will be a little sad when it goes away.)

Aww...you missed all the horrible mustaches on Mad Men

We saw them last night. My husband is threatening to grow a Roger mustache - I pointed out the he can do what he wants with his facial hair, just like I get to decide whether I kiss him or not.

"omg justified!" is pretty much it. i mean, THIS SHOW. i'm going to miss it so much when it's gone.

I usually go to bed a little after 10p so we typically watch Justified on Wednesdays. I don't know if I can do that next week - I want to watch it end with everyone else!

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