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hats will keep you safe
- Mr. J came home Saturday night, after being with family for two weeks.  I had been home for about a week (a sibling-in-law passing away doesn't qualify for much bereavement time, and we wanted to save my PTO for visits in happier times through the end of the year).  I was really glad to see J again, and it's interesting to realize things like how much less interested in cooking for just myself I am.  We are setlling into this new normal which isn't all that different from the old normal except in the moments when it really is.

- I am still tracking my food, though the free Livestrong AP crapped out on my phone mid-last week: it opens, and then immediately closes itself again.  Does anyone have suggestions for a different AP, I don't need a lot of bells and whistles, but I do better when I actually have a place to record things instead of random scraps of paper.  One thing I really liked about livestrong is that I could also enter any exercise for the day and it automatically gave me those calories to eat.  (It's not the only reason to run 7 miles, but it helps.)  I have lost weight since we started three weeks ago, go me.

- Somehow I got volunteered/suckered into being the person who is closing up the Berkeley office, the one we moved out of last December.  A former employee stayed in the space as a sub-tenant, so there were some things we couldn't take originally, and some things we just didn't take because they didn't fit in the new space and we didn't want to pay to store them, but way to kick the can to me at the last possible moment.  The lease is up this Thursday so things have to happen now.  I am going to have to be in Berkeley several times this week, and I guess they're going to have to pay me for time spent on trains.  I came in today and got stuff to the recycling center and put up Craigslist postings for everything of substance we need to get rid of - the landlords want the space empty, which is reasonable.  I've gotten a few bites so far, and am planning to keep reducing prices as the week goes on until possibly everything we're getting rid of is free.  My goal is that we don't have to pay anyone else to haul stuff out of here to dispose, if we make any cash for the activities committee that's great and all but not my concern.  I have several co-workers offering advice and ideas (mostly about what they think we should get for an item), but unless they want to do it I'm ignoring them entirely.  I've never really dealt with Craigslist before except for apartment research, it's kind of fascinating.  I also created a new email and phone number for it so that I wouldn't have to deal with giving out personal information.  Tonight I'm here until 6p waiting for a guy who wants both filing cabinets (yay), and I'll have to figure out how to schedule the rest of the week.

- I finally saw the Justified finale last night (I waited to watch it with Mr. J).  It was a little quieter than I expected but still pretty much perfect.  I am glad it stuck the landing, it'll make it even easier to recommend to people.

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*waves!!* I'm so far behind on LJ I'm not even trying to catch up, just starting from now. So HI! Also, the Sparkpeople app was awesome when I was using it, and the exercise thing is the same- it gives you calorie "credit" for what you burn.

He's "Mr J" now instead of just J?? lol

That seems reasonable. I've been mostly MIA for the past two weeks so I've been skimming, I saw that you had reappeared, yay!

Many years ago I used the Sparkpeople tracker on the computer, but I've never tried their AP. Thanks for the tip, I'll have to look into it.

just J was feeling too casual somehow, but I don't think Mr. J is right either. Maybe I should start calling him just J everywhere instead.

You could call him "the J" :)

I use Sparkpeople, but via the web. I'm pretty sure they have an app, and they have the automatic conversion, too.

Do you really run 7 miles? Do your knees/hips/feet tolerate it?

I used to use Sparkpeople before they had the exercise stuff built in, I'll have to check them out again.

I do, I ran 7 miles on Saturday actually. My feet are rarely an issue, but I have to be careful of my knees and hips. Usually as long as I'm good about stretching before and after, and climb my mileage slowly I'm okay. I mean, they still hurt some, but not in crazy I have to stop right now ways.

A lot of people I work with use the My Fitness Pal app, it's free and it tracks all kinds of things. They seem to really like it.

I need to look into that one, J bought me a Garmin watch for the holidays and I think that it links into My Fitness Pal so I could gather all of my info in one place. I'm glad to hear folks like it though, the last person I spoke to about it - several years ago so I'm sure it's been updated - was planning to get rid of it, so that's always stuck in my brain.

I've heard good things about My Fitness Pal. The Garmin probably links to Sparkpeople too - my Fitbit does.

Hrmm, I should probably log into my Garmin account and search from there, not that my food AP has to link up, but it would make some things simpler.

Also I kind of like "the J", I may try it. When we first started dating I gave no thought to the fact that I was nicknaming him for life - heh.

the justified finale was quiet, wasn't it. i thought that was kind of appropriate, tho. i mean, it's not a loud, flashy show. it really was perfect.

"the j", hee.

It was a perfect finale, I'm not certain what I expected, but it gave me everything I wanted.

Right? I might need to create a poll to re-nickname my honey. Or maybe it's just me, and I should leave it be.

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