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sitting in a server closet
- I am debating work clothes again.  I feel like I have too many clothes I don't wear very often, and I generally feel slightly underdressed (12 years working in theater means I have a great selection of snarky t-shirts, but those aren't so useful in an office).  Having recently read an article about a woman who created a 'work uniform' for herself by buying 15 pairs of black pants and 15 white tops, and discussing garanimals with friends* I am starting to think I may want to move in this direction.  Not as restrictively as the woman in the article did - in part because I don't look good in white**- but maybe get a lot of bottoms in grey, black, and navy or brown, and find a few colors that look good on me that would match at least two of the bottom choices like green, blue, black, grey and get tops in those colors and mix and match from there.  I don't spend all that much time deciding what to where every day, but taking some of that out of the mix while also updating my work wordrobe could be a win-win.

- I am spending another day alone in our old office trying to get rid of the stuff we left here because there was no room in the new office and no one wanted to think about it last December when we moved.  Or any time between now and then until I poked them.  Now the lease was up yesterday, and I'm waiting for people from Craigslist to show up (because we don't want to throw things away if they work/are usable which I agree with but notice how I'm the one here not the people who were all 'maybe you should charge more for the fridge') and seriously how is this my job?  I mean sure, 'and other job duties as assigned' but this is stretching it.  Craigslist so far has been reasonable if strange - I only had one person no show and luckily I was able to ping another person who responded to the first ad so things are still going away.  But ugh.

- I had a dream the other night that happened partially in a mall.  I'm amused by that given how little time I spend in malls but I also realized that every time I go to a mall in my dreams it's the same mall.  The same poor layout, the same dual food courts, the same Escher escalators to get up to the movie theaters that freak me out because they're too high.  My dream mall doesn't match any place I've been though there are some bits and pieces I recognize from the real world.  Does this happen to anyone else - some generic place in your dreams is always the exact same no matter what else is going on?

- I finally managed to track down all the issues of a new comic I had been looking for called Bitch Planet and it's amazing; the story, the artwork, the essays in each issue.  On the back of issues 1-3 there have been ads mimicing the old-school type ads from magazines and comics in the 60's.  (Hell I remember ads for sea monkeys in my comics in the 80s).  Issue #2 includes an ad titled "DIMINISH with Delicious Cestoda"  which is a parasite; essentialy it's selling a tapeworm to make you skinnier.  Here's part of the flavor text: "Stop being so fat and gross you big fatty!  OR maybe try not to let other people's standards of beauty or femininity or your value as a human being dictate your self-worth.  If ANY PART OF YOU has ever been jealous of anorexics or considered extra-medical hormone injections or parasites, or used body-hate to bond with girlfriends, you have bought in.  It's near impossible not to, buy maybe today TRY not to believe that your VALUE is inextricably linked to some asshat's assessment of your desirablilty.  Fuck that dude.  Fuck that CULTURE"  Oh, yes!

It's also free comic book day tomorrow, if your local store is anything like mine they will have all four issues of Bitch Planet in stock, and you could also select from a myriad of free offerings.

Of course starting an entry by talking about work clothes and ending with that quote shows that I still have work to do too.  Heh.

*Other people remember garanimals right?  None of my friends had heard of them so maybe they were a midwest thing, or something only done by a specific store chain?  They were kids clothes that all had an animal tag on them, the idea was if you matched the animals your clothes would match.

**I didn't even wear white to my wedding. 

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Does this happen to anyone else - some generic place in your dreams is always the exact same no matter what else is going on?

Frequently. There's this one river with a dam and/or bridge that drives me batty. And the house that's supposed to be mine, only it has two kitchens, a garage I never use because it's on the other side of the deck, the basement that's huge and empty, and for some reason I never get into the other end of the house, even though it has a lovely craft room and guest rooms.

I'm really glad it's not just me. Your dream house (heh) sounds lovely.

I love reading about people's dreams! Generic place....this is fascinating. I don't think I've had that experience. What surprises me most, in a similar vein, is when I dream of a place that I never gave a second thought to and only went one time...

Yes, Garanimals! Do you remember ToughSkins?

I still don't know why my brain decided that I get an archetypal dream mall, but I have a feeling that once my waking brain recognized that it was always the same place it was even more set. It is fascinating what our brains do when we're not looking, isn't it?

I do remember ToughSkins!

I remember garanimals-- I was just thinking about them the other day!

Black and white sounds so incredibly dull, though after awhile I'm sure other people would stop noticing exactly what you're wearing. It would all become kind of generic.

I couldn't do just black and white every day, though I'm sure it makes some things much easier. But I like the idea of finding enough work-appropriate clothes in a smaller color palette that could mix and max, sometimes a slight narrowing of options makes things disproportionally easier. Also, I'm very bored/grumpy with most of my work clothes which seems to hit me every spring.

Yay for other people remembering garanimals, there was a brief moment when no one in the conversation recognized them where I thought maybe I was a little crazy.

Yep, I have a dream place. It's in Wales although it's not somewhere I've ever been and it's hilly with lots of rocks in the hills. I've actually explored quite a lot of the area in various dreams and there are some very interesting houses.

Ooh your dream place sounds lovely. I really don't know why mine is a mall, that could be an interesting thing to try and figure out. Hrmmm...

Maybe you need to shop more!

I remember garanimals. They're still out. Baby$-r-us still sells them., along with Oshkosh Bigosh. :)

I didn't think garanimals still existed, that's awesome.

I was always super excited about Oshkosh Bigosh when I was a kid because we lived near Oshkosh, WI so I felt some weird connection whenever we saw ads for them.

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