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happy, happy Friday

I didn't get offered the job.  I think it's just as well - I really liked the people and the idea of working on a campus with arts students, but there was a large component of the job, event planning, that I was really unexcited about.  While liking the people and the company is a good start, actually liking the job - or more of it than not - is also pretty important.  It always sucks a little bit to not be chosen, but I made it to the final two and overall I think it's the right choice for me and them.

Interviewing this time around was interesting.  I realized I've never really interviewed while still in a current job before and it changed things a little.  Since I was coming from my current job directly to the first interview for new job I wasn't dressed as formally as I might otherwise have been, and was carrying my regular commute backpack.  I was a little more everyday me, rather than presentation me, a little looser than I've been in previous interviews.  I liked it and will have to remember that for future situations.


Being in SF today is rather fun.  Pride activities don't really kick off until tomorrow but there is a palpable sense of joy.  As there should be.  Sunday's parade is going to be epic.

I owe bookishgeek random facts, but I think I will do that another day.  I haven't forgotten.
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