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- I've been considering jumping into the 100 days of LJ commitment I see going around, but I am fully aware that I would suck at it.  If I posted 100 days out of the 177 days left in the year would that still count?

- The shooting on the SF waterfront last week happened a block from my office, in a spot I walk past every day coming and going.  This area is hugely touristy and I've always felt completely safe dodging through the runners, the homeless people, the commuters, the dog-walkers, and the folks taking photos of the public art.  I wasn't in the office late last week, but so far this week there has been at least one if not several news vans parked on the sidewalk to navigate around, which is the most obvious indication that anything happened.  I keep offering up a quick thought/prayer for her and her family every time I pass, and really hope that election year stupidity doesn't make this any harder on them than it is already.

- I finished reading the book How Music Works by David Bryne recently and have been having thinky-thoughts about music as a result.  Where I prioritize music in my life, how and when I listen to it, how I discover new music (very slowly/poorly these days), and whether I'm good with the status quo.  This follows on the heels of having teared up several times watching the Tony awards, because I am starting to miss theater, but also because there is nothing quite like a chorus of people singing together exuberantly.  Music has so much power and hooks so directly to emotions and I listen to so little of it these days.  I'm not certain what will come of this, if for no other reason than like all of us I already could use a few extra hours in my day, but it's been an interesting/fun thing to ponder.
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