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- Yesterday is the first day I became really aware that yes, time is passing and the northern hemisphere is sliding into increasing darkness.  It's now fully dark when my alarm goes off, so turning on the first light of the morning becomes that game of squinting until it's bearable which really only started this week.  It always astonishes me how only a few days passage / minutes difference in sunrise makes so much difference.  But then last night I went for a run after work, leaving a little later than usual because I was not enthused about the idea, and before I was done I had to put my sunglasses on top of my head because they were making everything too dark to see clearly.  It was the first day I was really aware of both sunrise and set encroaching on my summer patterns.

- I've been writing little posts in my head about various things, but hadn't realized how few of them I had written down and actually posted.  Maybe I should try the 100 days of LJ thing, just to try to reinforce the habit again.

- There are so many things I want to be knitting right now, but that doesn't seem to include the socks I have on needles.  I try not to have too many projects going at once (which for me leads to half-done projects abandoned in the back of closets for years) but it might be worth starting something else I'm way enthusiastic about and coming back to the socks.

 - My ongoing movie watching project has led me into a few viewings of things that were good, not great, not something I would have chosen on my own, and that I probably wouldn't recommend unless I knew the person was super interested.  J and I were having a discussion about a similar topic (reading early Mark Twain, which is both fascinating and occasionally cringeworthy) and he referred to it as taking your "cultural vegetables".  So far, at least, I'm still enjoying seeing every movie that has won the Oscar for best documentary (one of my projects), though I'm wondering if there will be a tipping point where the satisfaction of crossing lines off a list isn't going to balance out watching movies I wouldn't otherwise see.  This thought is brought to you by someone who watched all 267 minutes of Hotel Terminus: the Life and Times of Klaus Barbie (which won in 1988).  I learned new things and it was interesting, but oof.  Is there anything you feel like you "should" watch/see?

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There are lots of movies I feel free to skip, despite what the Oscar voters think of them. Anything by Woody Allen (because he's dead to me now). Westerns (though "No Country For Old Men" was terrific, but I have a huge weakness for Tommy Lee Jones). Most biopics (because I'm just not interested in that genre).

So, we've recently seen Selma and Unbroken, and liked them both. Rewatched The Imitation Game, but probably will never see The Theory of Everything. 12 Years A Slave (and The Help) are on my list to watch, when I feel I can stand the potential emotional anguish. I'd like to see Philomena, but the others we have seen or don't want to.

Belle and Birdman are in my Netflix queue, but the queue really proves Netflix' point about "aspirational viewing" (movies you think you should see) vs. actual viewing.

You're a better woman than I!

The only genre of movies I typically avoid is horror, because I get nightmares, but that doesn't have much crossover with Oscar lists, heh. Woody Allen's stuff for the last decade at least is lazy and boring, besides the fact that he's icky, so he's also a skip for me.

The advantage of using the Oscars is it's a curated way to go back in time. There will be the occasional movie I fall in love with, or that I just can't see the point of (really Academy, "Oliver!" was not that good). Most often I'm interested in the current year nominees anyway; I still need to see "American Sniper" but that's because the hubby wants to see it with me. I really liked "Selma", and still think David O should have been nominated for best actor.

I tend to put a five-year chunk of Oscar movies in my queue all at once, along with random more recent movies, which gives me the opportunity to jump around depending on my mood. Honestly, I watched "Hotel Terminus" because J wasn't home that weekend so I picked the longest movie currently in the queue, knowing I wouldn't be bothering anyone when I hogged the TV all day. Long should definitely be it's own genre.

I forgot about American Sniper! That needs to go in my queue when it's available. We both wanted to see it, but our only outing when it was in theaters was for our anniversary, and that seemed like a bad idea. ;)

I agree with you about Woody Allen. The only movie of his I've seen in recent years was "Scoop," and that was because of Scarlett Johannson and Hugh Jackman. But it was a snooze, and really... I just hate the guy now.

I agree it would not be a good anniversary film, smart call.

I refuse to see Woody Allen movies in the theater, but the one that Cate Blanchett won best actress for I got from netflix after the fact. I could admire her craft and skill, but I didn't like any of the characters or the story, and it was dull. Movies can be many things, boring is the worst.

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