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- J and I went to the Cal Academy of the Arts last night, they have put in several new exhibits since we were last there.  The photography was stunning, and the whale exhibit was cool, but my favorite thing was in their color of life exhibit.

It was a cylinder you stood inside with a dozen screens along the walls.  In front of each screen were two sets of three cords, each cord a different color.  When I walked in a screen was showing a pop-up about something in nature that was blue, and there was a blue cord in front of it, so I thought I had figured it out.  But then the pop-ups started fading out, and I played to figure out how to bring them back (if there were instructions somewhere I never saw them).  Strumming a colored cord would bring up a pop-up about that color.  Even better if you strummed two cords in front of the same screen - say the red and the yellow - you'd get a pop-up about orange.  Or all three, which in a few cases made brown, but at the screen with blue, red, and white got you lavender.  The screens could show three pop-ups at a time, and then they'd fade out so you could bring up more, and every screen had a different combination of the colors in the three cords in front of it.  It was instructive, and fun, and such a fabulous way to sneakily add teaching about color mixing to their exhibit.  Science museums are the best.

- When I got home there was a package from a kickstarter I had supported with coloring books in it.  So the day was very thematic.

- On the car radio today flipping stations I went past both "Pour Some Sugar on Me" and "Walk Like an Egyptian" and then had a small internal battle about which song I wanted hear.  It's weird to think that those songs came out only two years apart because I so associate the first with my senior year of high school and the second with junior high.

- I have acquired postcards, now I just need to figure out what to write on them.  Hrmmm....
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coloring books! how cool! what kind of art do they have?

aaaaand now i have walk like an egyptian stuck in my head. >.< i remember the video and that makes me feel old.

One is called "The Deep Beautiful Sea" so it's pretty self explanatory. The other is called "Reach for the Stars" and it's a bit of a hodgepodge, there are inspirational quotes on every page and the images are related to those more than a visual theme.

Heh, yeah walk like an egyptian is very ear-wormy, sorry about that. That song always made me wish I could whistle.

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