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why not?
So, huh. It's been awhile. Stuff has been happening but once I stop posting it's really easy to just keep not posting and then the first post should be something momentous and things have been good but not momentous and yeah.

In that spirit - why not LJIdol? It won't hurt anything and writing again would be a goodness.

*waves and offers hugs*

It's good to be back.

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I love your current icon. Uncommon Goods sells a sterling silver anatomical heart necklace that I want like whoa but can't justify the $$ right now.

Maybe I'll even write a life update.

Save the cash. I think that would make an amazing necklace!! I have an anatomical heart tattoo with all of my people's names in it on my chest....or I would want a sterling heart necklace!

Write a life update. What have you been doing? Still running?

The necklace feels like it should be the final reward for meeting some goal, I'll have to ponder what would be appropriate.

I'm avoiding work so a life update is on my list for today. Oh yes still running, and just got back from a holiday trip to CO. Actual update after lunch.

That's the attitude!

Nice to see you back! Hugggs :)

Re: That's the attitude!

Good to see you back too. I resisted as long as I could but it felt like everyone was going to the playground without me.


I have been working my way through your November stories but am still behind. They're super fun so far.

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