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It seems like I've been both crazy busy and that not much has been happening for months - heh.

- We just got back from Colorado for Thanksgiving.  We do dinner with J's 2nd mom & family (they lived down the road in HS, and he apparently spent more time there than his own house. We're all good friends, their kids call us aunt and uncle.)  There were 14 people for dinner on Thursday night and 23 on Friday night, which were two entirely separate meals.  The rest of the weekend was leftovers, appropriately.  J and I spent some time on Monday afternoon driving around the suburbs of Denver where we're thinking we'll be looking to buy, and really liked some of the neighborhoods.  I am still nervous about the move and get into funks where I am certain one thing will go wrong and then imagine it down to it's finite point of awful, but of course nothing will go that wrong because I'd holler before anything reached that point. I also got to run in the snow.  We ended up at a high school track so we wouldn't have to deal with the lack of sidewalks and snowplows; 90 minutes of going in a circle was not very exciting but I felt super hard-core for running in the snow.  Though I will have to figure out what people in cold weather climates do about keeping their feet dry.

- I have not been in much of a holiday mood this year.  I think between travel and training for a marathon this fall I just haven't had a whole lot of quiet time, and right now shopping seems more like a hassle than a fun project.  It doesn't help that with a move in our future presents seem like one more thing to pack.  Hopefully I'll shake out of the holiday funk soon.

- Speaking of not wanting to move things I've started reading "The Wheel of Time".  J owns all of it and said if he ever wants to re-read it he'd likely get it for the kindle so if I can get through it that's a whole shelf of books we don't have to pack.  Book one was awesome - if occasionally a touch predictable.  Everyone I know who has read it found it shortly after it came out and then got stuck waiting between books, it'll be interesting to see if my being able to go straight through makes it more or less enjoyable.

- The marathon is this Sunday.  Physically I'm as ready as I can get, but mentally I'm all at month-end and holidays instead of race prep, so we'll see.  My right foot still hurts but is bearable, and it's not going to get completely better until I take time off.  I've also started seeing a chiropractor for the weirdness in my mid-back.  Always fun when someone who does body work puts their hands on your neck and says "You get headaches, yes?  On the right side mostly?"  Yup.
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