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coughing is an Ab workout, right?
I have a monster cold.  Last Monday we went to see The Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder on tour and I could feel my throat getting sorer with every swallow from intermission on.  It moved from the throat, to the congestion, to the cough that settled in on Christmas and stayed. It finally seems to be on an upswing, but it's hard to tell for sure - every day I had a few good hours when I thought I was getting better and it hasn't panned out yet.  Cross your fingers for me this time.

One of the casualties of the illness is my participation in LJ Idol.  I waited until nearly the last moment to sign up, knowing this wasn't great timing for me and not wanting to take a spot from someone who really wanted it, but also wanting to play with all of my friends again.  The first two weeks went like I expected, byes due to the marathon and holiday shopping which left me without a net, and then this damn cold.  I suppose I could have written something from the depths of cold medicine which might have been amusing, if incoherent, but I couldn't pull anything together.

My holidays were lovely and quiet, J and I stayed home and cooked good food and napped (he's sick too), and watched movies.  We have a sort of tradition of watching horror movies on Christmas which we didn't quite live up to, but the whiplash of going from White Christmas, which I had never seen but J had, to Bad Santa seems in a similar vein.  They're both great movies in really, really different ways.

I'm not quite running yet, my foot finally stopped hurting about two weeks after the race, but then this cold arrived and took all my motivation.  I've hit that point where I'm not certain if I'm really too sick to run or using it is an excuse which means I should get out there soon.  Maybe a few bike rides at the Y (indoors!) first to make sure my lungs won't revolt.

I hope everyone who celebrates had lovely holidays, and just everyone did something that makes them happy.

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Aw honey, just feel better. Lots of tea, with lemon, ginger and honey. We'll see what holiday magic the polls may have! So you relax and recuperate. My hubs has got it too, I haven't yet, and hopefully won't.

Again- tea (and throw a shot of your favorite grog in it at night :) Peace~~~D

Tea is not my go to beverage, but I've been having a cup in the afternoon when the cough comes up. I've also been drinking all the water hoping to rinse the germs out. Almost.

Before bed I have a toddy - my family's version is a shot of bourbon, lemon juice, honey, and hot water to fill - yummy.

Thanks for the healing thoughts!

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