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- I'm still sick.  The first cold lingered right into the second one kicking in mid-last week.  I'm back to the congestion and the coughing, and am generally grumpy about it.  At least J hasn't caught the second one yet.

- J and I played tourist yesterday.  We went to Alcatraz and Coit Tower, which niether of us had ever done.

The views from the ferry and Alcatraz itself are pretty amazing.  The cellhouse audio tour is well worth it, and the oddness of hundreds of people wearing headphones moving on the same general path at slightly different intervals was kind of lovely, and occasionally disorienting.  Parts of the island are closed this time of year because it's nesting season for the seabirds who call Alcatraz home, but we walked all the paths that were open, and poked into all the cranies we could find.  The brochure says to expect to spend 2.5-3 hrs on the island - we were there for four.

Coit Tower is nifty, and again those views!  But I think my favorite part of the second stop of the day was getting there; we walked up the Filbert Steps.  It feels like a pocket universe in the middle of San Francisco, a street that turns into pedestrian stairs that run beside private homes and a public garden.  It's a lot of steps, but there's so much to see on the way.  I do wonder what living along the stairs must be like.

To wrap up the day when we got home I made us potato leek soup and we watched the movie Escape From Alcatraz.  The movie is decent, but having been on the island the same day made it extra engaging.  It was fun to see spaces we had just seen empty all furnished as though they were in use.

- Next weekend is going to be a lot of football as the teams that both J and I cheer for are still in it - Go Chiefs!  Go Packers!  I'm grateful that both of our teams won this weekend and won solidly, unlike the other two games where it feels more like Minnesota and Cinncinnati lost than the Seahawks or Steelers won.  But they'll still be the teams playing this weekend.  Sadly I think the Chief's stand a better chance of moving on than my Packers, but they play the games for a reason.
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