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the odd music of heavy equipment backing up
- I am the only person in my office today.  If everyone was here (which has literally never happened) there would only be eight of us, but this week many folks are travelling or working from home and the one other person who was supposed to be here is sick.  So it's just me.

- About that subject?  Super Bowl city, the NFL's party zone that will be in operation from Jan 30 through the game, is being built across the street from my office.  Road closures have already begun so traffic is a mess, and my train to the city has more people on it than usual.  I need to run an errand at lunch today which should be simple, but I'm not sure if the sidewalks are open the way I'd usually take.  Next week when it's fully operational we have been given permission to work from home the entire time if we choose.  Part of me wants to come up for at least one day to gawk out the windows and people watch, but I can't quite decide if it will be worth the commute.  Hrmmm....

- For a brief time last week I thought I was getting cold #3, but that didn't happen.  Now I just have my standard winter cough, though odd things keep popping up that make me think I'm not entirely well.  I guess not being actively sick is what I've got and I should be grateful for that.

- J and I spent MLK day hiking to the east peak of Mt. Tam.  It was a very grey day and misty, luckily it didn't actually rain on us until near the end of the hike.  The weather meant we didn't see any of the views that were described in the guide we used, but we also were sharing the trails with only a few people and there's something peaceful about the grey enveloping everything.  J described it as cathedral-like.  It also meant I paid a lot more attention to the flowering bushes, or the odd bright orange brain mold, and all of the waterfalls were stunning (and a few were probably new).  There is a theater space up there that I had no idea existed.  Every new year J and I determine we're going to do more hiking, and we tend to fall off that by early summer.  Maybe this time it'll stick.

- My birthday last week was very quiet.  My co-workers took me out for lunch and J took me out for dinner.  The hike was also sort of for my birthday, we've been doing that for several years.  I'm a little sad to not be 42 anymore because I enjoyed the geekiness of that number but it was pointed out that 43 is prime, which made me feel better.  (And next year will be a palindrome!)

- We're planning a ski weekend with friends and I've been stressing a bit because I don't like to downhill ski.  I never feel in control enough going down, and my fear of heights kicks in hugely on chair lifts.  But I don't want anyone else not to have the fun weekend they want to have, and if I stay indoors the whole time a few folks will feel responsible for me.  (Which isn't exactly my problem I know, but...)  I'm looking for a place to cross-country ski, which I did enjoy the last time I did it 25 years ago or so.  I keep reminding myself it's a silly thing to be stressed about and it's okay if I don't want to learn to ski in my 40's, but I keep feeling like I'm somehow being a fuddy duddy and should get over it.  Or maybe I just need to embrace the fuddy duddy.

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I had no idea you had a problem with down hill skiing. You seemed so fine when we went many many moons ago.

Well, I took a beginner's class for the morning, only rode the chair lift up twice (once with the class instructor next to me) and then drank hot chocolate for the afternoon. And haven't been skiing since.

Only skiing once every ten years has something to do with it - it's impossible to get any good at something done that irregularly. But I also feel like it's not a thing I want to put the effort into, too expensive, too dangerous (for this chick who can break her hand falling down running), and too high. Or you know, just fuddy duddy.

embrace your fuddy-duddy! or find a place to cross-country ski. :D there's nothing wrong with sitting in the lodge drinking hot chocolate and watching the occasional cute skiier coming and going.

is orange brain mold called that because it looks like brains? ew? the hike sounds really cool, tho, with the gray and the fog.

Heh - thanks. Possibly if I stop feeling anxious about the fact that I'm not skiing no one else will feel anxious about it either.

It has an official name but it sure looks like brains. It was a shade of orange that doesn't seem like it should be natural, and I both really wanted to poke it and was really sure that poking it would be a bad idea.

oh my god, they do look like little orange brains! that's kind of gross and kind of cool.

Oh, I loved the geekiness of 42 as well.

Somewhere along the way, I skipped over a birthday and thought I was older than I was. But I know it was not 42, and it wouldn't have been 44 either because times-11 digits! I would never forget those.

I believe that if you look into Boreal, there is a ski lift on one side of the highway and trails often used for X-country skiing on the other. So that might be a nice option.

I bought myself a t-shirt with the image of the original cover of "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" on it for my birthday last year. I will still wear it, but with a little less of a 'how perfect is this' grin.

My husband lost a year the same way a few years ago, accidentally went up two at some point and didn't notice for months.

Yeah, I need to research the cross-country skiing and not worry about other people maybe being worried about me.

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