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Trick or Treat?
Wow, when you say restore from draft not having posted anything in months what you get is - odd.

It's been ages. I've been reading sporadically since I last posted but life got away from me a bit. The short version:

-The person just above me in seniority in the department quit in March. After learning lots of new things and several months of limbo, I got a promotion and a raise and the ability to work remotely full time. That last one is necessary because..
- We moved to Colorado. J1 & I officially left CA on April 2.
- For the summer we guest room hopped and traveled a lot for both work and family (and at least once for a long weekend just for ourselves). This was fun, but also exhausting in that 'no, I really am an introvert' way.
- But we now have an apartment of our very own and are all the way unpacked and everything.

Why return now? Idol, and Gary, of course. I'm in for season ten.

And because as an introvert who now works remotely and is in a new state I need to keep my social skills up somehow.
And because 'post on LJ' has been on my to-do list for over a month. Yippee crossing things off.
But also, Idol, and all of the beautiful craziness to come.

1This is my husband, who I started referring to by initial shortly after we started dating, and why ruin a good thing?

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I added you to my "regular" account (cislyn), since I post a bit more regularly over thataway these days.

NaNo meetups are a great way to meet folks, I've found! Sometimes they even last after NaNo. Regular writing buddies are great, and I hope your efforts at getting some more social stuff going are successful. :)

Added you back. I always like reading your journal-ish stuff, because you are interesting, but also for a hint of home - I grew up in WI so you being in Madison feels familiar. (I was closer to Green Bay, and I'm pretty sure we had this conversation once - heh.)

Yeah that's just it. In a new state, without an office to visit, I've been trying to come up with ways to meet people and when I got some NaNo emails have been thinking about it. I suppose I can go to the meetups and hang even if I'm not full-out doing nano, but my husband reminded me I have a half-finished novel around here somewhere. I just haven't decided to jump yet.

I'm glad I can help connect you a little bit to a place you remember fondly. I sure do love Madison. Wisconsin has been verrrrry good to me. :)

It's rough meeting new people in a new place - have you tried meetup.com at all? They have interest focused meetup groups, and there might be a writing one in your area, too. And seriously, nobody is going to be cross with you if you're not NaNoing specifically, but are writing a thing, and show up to a NaNo write-in. It'll be fine!

It was a great place to grow up. I didn't realize how much I had missed some things until moving to CO and getting a for-real autumn this year. Yay for crunching through bright leaves.

I haven't tried Meetup, thank you for the suggestion, and I need to go back on to the NaNo site to look at write-ins in the area now that it's November. After we moved into the apartment about two months ago I was perfectly happy to just cocoon here and figure out new routines. It's only recently I've been realizing how few folks I talk to in a day.

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