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Last week J and I were in Pittsburgh for my work.  I had meetings with the auditors to get ready for year end, and the company holiday party was Thursday night.  We decided to stay through Saturday and take Friday off to explore, which was fun.  We went to the Warhol museum which I highly recommend - it was fascinating to watch the styles and interests change in his art.

So Saturday was our day to travel home.  We got up and got to the airport only to find out our flight had been cancelled.  United rescheduled us on a flight early Sunday, but luckily I had booked the tickets through the company travel agent and called them.  They were able to find a flight from PIT-DEN with seats open on Saturday.

Instead of a flight leaving at 8:36a we were now on a flight leaving at 6:20p.  But we were getting home.  Once the Frontier counter opened up we checked bags, went through security and ate brunch.  We bought a headset splitter and found a corner of the terminal that was empty and watched a movie.  We walked around, and read some.

I got a text from Frontier announcing the flight was delayed - until 10:27p.  So we watched some tv on the computer, had dinner, and watched some more tv.

Our plane arrived and we left almost exactly when they said we would.  We landed at 12:12am local time   A long day, but not an impossible one.

Then the pilot came on the speakers to tell us we didn't have a gate assignment yet - and they expected that to take 45min - hour.  Until then we were stuck.

Four hours later we got off the plane.  Got to baggage claim, which looked like a war zone, and decided to split up.  J would take the shuttle to long term parking to retrieve the car and I'd get the bags.  As I started chatting to folks who had been waiting for bags for ten hours, I realized that I was pretty done and we might just have to fill out missing bag forms and run away.  But lo and behold our luggage arrived about an hour after they let us off the plane, and since J's truck had needed a jump it timed out perfectly.  We gathered our things and drove home.

Our trip which should have taken about eight hours from hotel door to home instead took 27.  We lost nearly all of the weekend, but we got home.

Out of curiosity I checked on the flight that United had rebooked us on Sunday morning as we were driving away from DIA in our own car with all our stuff.  It had been cancelled.
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