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in an airport

I am at the Vegas airport killing time until I board a plane back to CO.

We spent the holidays in NW Arizona with J's sister-in-law and kids.  J drove down with his mom, brother, and niece in the car from CO to AZ.  I have to work on both sides of this trip so I flew in on the 24th and am flying out today.  This has the added benefit of no road trip with lots of family, which would have made me crazy.

Christmas was nice and it was good to visit with everyone, but I missed the small traditions that J and I had created for ourselves.  I grew up with Christmas day being for immediate family only - extended family gatherings happened before and after but the day of was just us, and I've continued that as an adult as much as I can.  I know all of the kids and especially grandma loved this, but selfishly it wasn't my version of the holiday.  And now I have to let this go and move forward - or maybe plan a "holiday" day for just the two of us sometime soon.

I'll get home to work for a few days, and then am travelling again for New Year's weekend.  I'm hoping to be home for January, we've travelled a lot for the last six weeks and I'm ready to stay still for a while.

I'm a little nervous about work, this is my first time doing end of year and all of the 2016 audit items and my boss is a decent guy but absolutely believes in the sink-or-swim way of teaching things.  He'll answer questions, if I know what to ask.

Not much else to report from here - it's been a lot of hurry up to wait and filling time as best I can.  My Christmas present to me was reading "Snuff" by Terry Pratchett. Reading a new Pratchett has long been a balm, something I saved for a stressful time as a way to make things better.  There's only one Discworld novel I haven't read now.  It might be a while until I get to it since this is the last fix I get.

Happy late December everyone - I hope the week is treating you well.

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