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- Happy New Year to one and all.  I kept forgetting to open with that in work emails today and had to remind myself - a little social lubrication will make things better.  But things are busy enough it's hard for it not to feel a bit like wasted time.  I got asked a question today where the answer was 'don't know, won't have time to figure it out until later this week'.  Whee!

- Part of the oddity of wishing folks happy new year for me is I don't really feel like mine has started yet.  I looked at my calendar and now have numbers to put to my discombobulation, since November 16 I've been home for 23 days and travelling/away for 25.  So the time I usually spend tidying and summing up at the end of a year hasn't happened, nor has making any resolutions or plans for the year ahead.  I've just been keeping up.  But there are two dates coming up that feel like beginnings for different reasons, January 16 and 21, so I am going to spend some time this weekend getting settled and organized and calm, then pick one of them to be my new year. I just need to re-center, I keep spinning on small to-dos and have no head at all for the big picture right now.

-NYE was board games and hot toddys, so lovely.  Though it was surprisingly difficult to find a station doing a countdown in Mountain time, most channels apparently did east coast and then began replaying the whole thing for pacific time.  Hrmph.

- I picked up the scarf I had started and knit a lot while watching football this weekend.  Hopefully I'll maintain motivation to finish it, it's cold enough right now that a new wool scarf sounds like an amazing idea.
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