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- I can't quite figure out Denver winter.  It snowed about 4" overnight and through this morning.  Wendesday it's supposed to be 50 degrees.  This happened with the last storm too, over a Wed-Thurs we got 10" of snow, by Sunday it was in the upper 40's and all of the snow, except for a few banks in shady spots, was gone by Tuesday.  I'm not complaning, it's just odd.  I'm used to an upper midwest winter, once it's gotten cold enough to snow it usually stays that way for several months and all of the snow sticks.  This snow / no-snow pattern is going to take some getting used to.  Though it does make the way the city plows (or doesn't for non-major residential streets) make more sense.

- During the last storm my car got stuck turning the corner from a road that had been plowed to one that wasn't.  I was about a block from home, so I put on my flashers and called my husband.  Just as I got off the phone a car pulled to the side of the road in front of me and two guys jumped out.  They helped push me out, smiled and waved, and got back in their car and drove away.  It's nice to know that still happens.

- I missed LJ Idol this week.  I had no good ideas for the topic and was busy so I let this become my first bye.  Hopefully it'll be my only one.

- I don't quite believe the Packers won that game.  After so many blow outs it was great to have a really good, close game of football, but my heart might have preferred it to involve someone else's team.

- I kept forgetting that this is a three day weekend.  It feels too soon after the holidays for another day off.
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