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- For the past three weekends J and I have gone cross-country skiing just north of Winter Park.  The first day we also had a private lesson (it was my birthday present).  I've never liked downhill skiing (too fast, the chair lifts are too high) so this is a middle ground that still gets both of us outside in the mountains in the winter. It's been fun, if tiring.  Going up the few extra thousand feet in elevation means I end up gasping for breath occasionally, but the views at both places we've gone are stunning.  Each trip we've gotten a little better about preparing - wearing enough layers but not too many, bringing a handkerchief, having something warm to drink not just gatorade.  We'll probably go another few times this spring, one of the things I realized is that only going once a year would be tough - that leaves no chance for finding the right rhythm or developing the right muscles.  I've also discovered that rental boots tend not to be my friend because my feet are weirdly between sizes and narrow.  I may start bringing extra socks to see if that helps.

- I'm on my regular movie watching binge pre-Oscar's.  I've seen six of the nine nominated best movies this year, and plan to see at least one, maybe two more in theaters.  But even more exciting is the fact that our current basic cable package comes with the Turner Classic Movie channel.  I've never had that channel before and it's a little dangerous.  I've been going through the guide for the 28 days of Oscar and recording each movie nominated for best picture I haven't seen yet.  I think I have 40 or so movies on the tivo to watch right now, and the month isn't over yet.  So I will be able to make a big leap forward in my goal to see every nominated best picture film, that is if I can find the time to watch them all.

- I am registered to run the Colfax half-marathon in May.  I had originally been planning to run the full, and still feel a little like I'm wimping out.  I could have trained up enough to run it, but I was a little behind before I even started, pushing too hard is an easy way to get hurt, and we want to do some other things this spring instead of just running.  The half marathon makes a lot more sense.  Turns out Brett Favre recently ran his very first half-marathon and finished in 2:06.  So this Packer fan can now identify my goal like this  - I want to be faster than Brett Favre.  Actually I want to set a new PR and my current one is 2:07:44 so they do line up.  In support of this I am finally using the training time I bought last fall at the YMCA.  Once a week I meet with Dayna and she walks me through strength exercises.  I have to keep reminding myself I asked for upper body stuff too, because oof my shoulders ache after every session (mostly because of how weak they are currently).  I have a plan for the race that should be doable, though I have to start paying attention to my pace soon.

- I am taking antibiotics for a dry cough that turns out to be bronchitis.  Amusingly I had already been taking probiotics just to reset my system.  I keep picturing a mini-war happening in my insides and hope the anti- are killing all the right things and the pro- are helping everything else survive.
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