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a Sunday photo
- I was talking to my husband about my story for Idol this week, and mentioned that the magic box had to be at Mt. Tam, because hiking on Mt. Tam always felt like there were mysteries around the next corner and magic happening where you had just stepped.  That made him remember this photo taken on our last Mt. Tam hike:

(for the VI: it's a misty day and trees and vines overgrow both sides of the path and seem to link together up above.  I'm about 30' ahead of the photograhper facing away at the mouth of the tunnel of green, there's a small area of brighter grey just around me.)
See, magic.

- I went back to the doctor for my cough which still hasn't gone away after five weeks despite the antibiotics.  I'm now on prednisone for the week to hopefully finally reduce the inflammation and be done.  It doesn't hurt, or come with any other symptoms so it's not that awful for me, but I think everyone around me is really tired of hearing it.  My furstration is that I started a really simple breath practice in the mornings in February, and am wanting to grow it into something more (daily meditation?) but I still can't talke more than four deep, fill-my-lungs breaths in a row without coughing.  I'm maintaining the small start I have, but am ready to do more, as soon as my lungs let me.

-We're about to hit a travel phase again, it always seems to come in streaks.  I cling to my routines even more when I've been away and apparently when I'm about to be away, so i can already feel myself wanting everything just so.

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That is an awesome picture.

I had a cough that started in early November and finally went mostly away in mid January. Three trips to the doctor, a round of antibiotics, an inhaler and time, finally made it better. Of course, we've now hit pollen season - guess who started coughing again?

Yeah the doctor gave me a choice of prednisone or an inhaler because "coughs linger". It's just no fun.

Yeh. I can't take prednisone. Or rather I can but have to stop other medication to do so. So they were looking for a solution that didn't involve that.

Ah, and I have never used an inhaler so I was a little shy of that idea. I guess it's good there are two options.

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