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We were gifted an ugly travel day again yesterday. The flight that was supposed to leave at 5:50 actually left around midnight so by the time we got off the plane, picked up luggage, got home, and did the bare minimum of 'yes we're home' things (unpack pjs and toothbrush, turn the heat back on to habitable, make sure the suitcases aren't where we'll trip over them) it was just before 5am when I went to bed.  I was awake for 22 hours.

I emailed my manager from the airport at 3am to tell him I was taking a half day, and slept until 11 (or really slept until about 9:30 and then dozed).  We had left on this trip just before daylight savings time so none of the clocks in the house had been reset, and I couldn't figure out what time it was this morning.  I feel floaty, like I'm disconnected from time and space.  Not enough sleep after too much awake and sleep at the wrong times will do that.  Ordinarily I would have got some cat naps in the airport or on the plane but...

J's back went into spasms late on Sunday.  We had a drive Monday am which was obviously painful for him, and when we arrived back at our friends' went immediately to an urgent care where they got him prescriptions for flexirol and gave him a shot to help control the pain through the flight.  Sadly with the delay, the shot controlled his pain for hanging out in an airport and he had to just suck it up for the flight.  He's in bed with the heating pad and ice to alternate, and I'm really glad I work from home because he sucks air through his teeth every time he has to transition from sitting to standing to laying down.  He texts me when he needs something, and I keep going in to check on him.

I'm pretty sanguine about flight delays - it's weather, or a broken plane you don't want to be on anyway, and I know that all of the staff of the airline would also much rather us be on time and out of their hair so they can go home.  But this is the third flight on Frontier in six months that came with a massive delay on the way home (7-8 hours from Vegas, 9 hours at least from PGH, this 6 hours from SF).  I'm quite sure they'll send us a voucher to spend on a future flight to aplogize for the delay, but I think I'm done.
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