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LJI:19 Invitation
Wednesday 11:45am, Lunchroom

Emily smiled as she sat next to Rose at lunch.  “Look what I found in my locker this morning.”

Rose took the piece of paper from her friend and unfolded it to read.  “’Do you have a date for Prom?   Meet me in the science lab at 4:04p today (come in from the North hallway).’  And its signed Peter.”

“I was hoping he’d ask me.”

“I thought the few dates you’ve been on were only okay, and he stuck his tongue way too far down your throat at the end of the last one - I remember gagging sounds when you told me.”

“I know, Rose, but Prom is this weekend and I want to have a date.  Peter isn’t forever, he’s probably not even until the summer, but he’s nice enough and will be cute in the photos.”

“That’s cold, Em.  As long as you know what you’re getting into.  What’s up with the specific time and directions?”

“Probably he has something planned for the asking – you’ve seen those videos.”

“Sure, but I think the idea that Peter is going to come up with something like that is giving him more credit than he deserves.  I think it’s weird.”

“Maybe so Rose, but I’m going.  I’ll call after and tell you all the details.”

Wednesday 1:20pm, Lockers

Laura bemusedly looked at the note she had pulled out of her locker.

“Is that a note?  Did someone actually leave a note in your locker?” asked Blair from the next locker over.

“It is.  Apparently now that I’ve broken up with Cody every guy in school thinks he’s going to be the one to take me to Prom.”

“Who is that from?”

“Peter – who wants me to meet him at the science lab this afternoon.  It’s not even asking me to the dance, exactly, but its implied.” said Laura.

“So wait, which one is Peter?” Blair closed her locker and leaned against it.

“He’s on the football team, has dark wavy hair.  I thought he was dating Emily.”

“Apparently he wants to go to Prom with the head cheerleader instead.”

Laura glared at Blair.  “I barely know him, we only speak in AP Lit class.”

“You going to toss the note?”

“No.  I think I might go.”

“What?”  Blair yelped.

“Shh.  I don’t have a date for Prom, and nearly everyone is already taken.  This is, okay, weird, but I’m curious.  Worst thing that happens is I tell him no and waste a few minutes of my afternoon.”  Laura shrugged.

“Fine, but text me immediately afterwards.”

Wednesday 1:45pm, Library

 Nicole sat down in the library.  “Sophia, what are you so zoned out about? I waved when I came in and you didn’t notice.”

“Sorry.  I got this weird note in my locker from Peter.”

“Peter, the guy you tutored through Chem last semester?”

“Yeah.  I think he’s asking me to Prom.  Or asking me to meet him so he can ask me to Prom.  Here see for yourself.”

Nicole read the short note and looked back at her friend.  “That’s …odd.”

“Right?  He never made any move to ask me out before.”

“What are you going to do?”

“Show up, I guess.”  Sophia shrugged.  “It seems rude to just ignore him.”

“I don’t know, he put a note in your locker.  You could just claim to have never seen it.”

“He’s a nice enough guy.  I don’t know why he’s asking me to Prom, but it could be fun.  Or not.  I get out of the newspaper editorial meeting just before that, no harm in stopping by.”

“If you say so.”

Wednesday 4:04pm, Science Lab

Peter adjusted the jacket of his tux.  He gave a thumbs up to his friend Jacob who was livestreaming this, and called out “It’s time.”

Emily, Sophia, and Laura each entered from their instructed doors.  Peter grinned wider, he had known this would work.

“Ladies, welcome to – Prom Invitational.  One of you lucky ladies will be able to claim me as their date for this Saturday’s prom.  Don’t worry, it’s just answering a few questions, nothing physical.”  Peter paused and winked.  “Unless you want it to be.  Who wants to start?”

Emily stared and looked hurt.  Laura looked confused.  Sophia burst out laughing.

“You expect us to compete?  For you?  Oh, that’s not happening.” Sophia continued laughing.

Laura looked to Emily and Sophia.  “Well you’ve got good taste, I’ll give you that.  But do you really think you’re worth all this?”

“Not the way he kisses he’s not.” Emily said, walking towards Laura.  “In case you’re thinking of asking me out again ever Peter, the answer’s no.”

Laura took Emily’s hand.  “Absolutely not.”

Sophia joined the other two girls.  “While I admit to being curious about what the questions could possibly be, I don’t think so.  Bye Peter.”

All three girls turned to walk out together, and started laughing as they got to the hallway.

Saturday night, Prom

Peter stayed in the corner of the gym.  He had asked Jacob to film his ask thinking there might be a catfight, but instead the three girls turning him down had gone viral, everyone in school had seen it.  To make things worse they had come to prom as a trio, they all looked amazing, and were having a great time.

He was getting ready to slink away when Matt, the class president, took the stage.  “Everyone it’s time to announce the Prom King and Queen.  Or not quite, there were a lot of specific write-in votes this year, so” he paused and held up an index card “we have three Prom Queens.  Laura Errington, Sophia Tam, and Emily Zawada please step forward.”

The gym burst into applause and hoots of congratulations.  Peter left by the closest door.

Wednesday 2:30pm, Study Hall

“Wait, Dude, how is this going to work?” asked Jacob.

“I invited three girls to the science lab and told each to come in through a separate door at the same time.  When they come in I’ll be there in a tux and tell them that one of them is going to win the chance to go with me to Prom.”  Peter grinned.  “I made a cool sign that says “Prom Invitational” to put on the easel, and I have one perfect red rose in a vase in my locker, I’ll give it to whichever girl wins.”

“Do you really think any of them are going to go for this?”

“Prom is in four days and none of these girls have dates.  I am a prime catch.”

“I think you’re a prime idiot.  Why didn’t you ask Emily last week?”

“She wasn’t a great kisser.  And hey, she’s still in the running!”  Peter slapped Jacob on the back.  “So you’re going to be in the corner filming it, right?”

“Why do you want this filmed again?”

“Come, on, there might be a catfight.”

“I think that’s unlikely Peter, but yes I’ll be there.”

“I’m going to run home after final bell to change.  Meet me in the science lab at 3:45p.  I’ll put up the sign, find the perfect place for the rose and you can check the lighting.  This will be awesome.”

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We don't need no stinkin' boys to go to prom! I really liked this, and Peter is a tool! Hugs and peace~~~

I actually went to prom with girlfriends my senior year, nothing this dramatic though. Thanks - and feel better!

but he’s nice enough and will be cute in the photos.
That IS cold.

At the same time, he apparently wasn't THAT nice. Because that was quite a stunt, both cruel and obnoxious. It's like his own personal narcissistic reality show!

I didn't want the girls to be perfect either, though when the guy you've been dating hasn't asked you to prom a few days before hand I think a little coldness is in order.

Peter couldn't see much past himself. The problem with creating a reality show without thinking it through is that there's usually a villain, and it might be you.

When I saw that first invitation and how specific it was, I got the chills. I was expecting some nasty prank out of Carrie or something. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was just some douchebag who would be getting his comeuppance.

I really liked Emily, Sophia, and Laura too. There was a little shallowness there, but there was also a lot of pride, which means a lot.

Oh, I hadn't thought of that. No Peter's not that level of asshole, just incredibly self-absorbed.

I didn't want the ladies to be perfect, after all this is high school prom and there are stakes, but when the option was Peter's ridiculousness it was easier to see clearly.

of the girls, i think sophia's my favorite. she laughed! which was what peter deserved. i figured from the specificity of the note that peter had something planned, and i figured it was something douchey. (at first i thought maybe he was seeing all three girls and someone had figured it out and wanted to expose him, but since laura didn't even really know him, that wasn't it.) i love that all three girls told him "yeah, no" and went to prom together.

Heh - I knew one of them had to laugh, and it didn't feel like either of the others would have processed quickly enough. Peter's watched a little too much reality tv, and forgot that you can't always control who ends up the bad guy.

Hahahahahaha! Eye of the beholder! This made me lol - She wasn’t a great kisser. !!! So much misperception here. Nicely done!

Isn't high school really just misperception over and over? Partially because most of us aren't sure who we are yet, but we know we're not what you're seeing. Thanks.

Sounds like Peter is not "Bachelor" material. And good for the ladies for going alone and enjoying themselves!

Yeah, Peter didn't think through how thoroughly those guys are vetted and how many people want the gig and don't get it. I think the three ladies ended up being friends, despite being in different social strata of the high school after this.

Deciding to do ones own version of The Bachelor is quite a risk! Nice take on the topic.

Right? When you're streaming live you can't control the edit; Peter should have thought of that. Thanks.

Oh my goodness! This was so cold, I need a sweater!

Great work with the prompt. And yeah, that'll teach Peter to be a player. Sheesh!

HA! Thank you, I went from invitation to invitational and somehow ended up here. Peter has learned a harsh but certain lesson.

Hahaha, I love this reversal on the archetype of the prom story. Nice job!

Thank you. Speaking as someone who skipped her junior prom and went with friends to the senior, I had some odd prom experiences to draw from.

You've captured the oddity of the high school boy ego - arrogant enough to think he could invite three classmates to prom and get them to fight over him, but then fragile enough to end up hiding after his plan crashed and burned!

That's definitely worthy of an episode of "Promposal" assuming they decide to do a series like that.

"Promposal" is a much better name than "Prom Invitational", I wish I had thought of it.

High school is a weird time for everyone, the girls were willing to show up to maybe be asked to prom, had he asked only one of them he'd probably have had a date. So often we're our own worst enemies.

This is why it's best to just ask the question directly. But high school kids have too much hormones to think of simple things like that.

Right? Had he just asked any of the girls they'd likely have said yes. High school does seem to be a time of over complicating things for ourselves.

Always nice to see folks see folks get what they deserve.

A lovely piece! Thanks for sharing!

Thanks. Yeah a little schadenfreude is always fun.

Here's the sad, sad, sad thing, there have been boys I have know in that age group who might have come up with this kind of idea. I doubt they would have had the courage to pull it off, though.

You made me laugh out loud! Kudos!

Out loud laughs - yay!

Coming up with the idea is one thing, but as you point out actually doing all the work to follow through is another level. Ah well, Peter has learned a valuable lesson.

Ha! As someone who had a great time at my own prom as part of a platonic trio, I strongly approve this message! I like the trope of the pressure-filled invite thrown on its head very much here.

I also went to prom with friends, way less pressure, way more fun. Thanks, other than Peter no one lost too much time over this.

You made me feel for both sides in this one.
I was happy the girls didn't play into Peter's "show" and banded together in a display of strength. They had respect for themselves and for each other and the school banded behind them.
But I found myself feeling sorry for Peter. The guy who only became an option because it was so close to Prom and he still didn't have a date. None of the girls, not even Emily, seemed like they wanted to go with him, but would settle for him.
Loved this entry!! ❤️❤️

Thank you. I have a slightly soft spot for Peter too, despite his delusions of importance, he also just wanted a date for prom.