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- Camping this past weekend with the kids went well.  I forget sometimes how much kids just want adult attention (and food and sleep and the like), though I get a little overwhelmed after a while.  But they were really good when Aunt Beeker needed a few minutes and then glommed back on when I returned.  We needed two cars to fit everything which meant I got to drive by myself which was lovely - except for the traffic.  Over half an hour to travel four miles up a 6% grade in first gear the entire time is not relaxing.

- For LJ Idol this week we had to write on two topics Canard and Tool Box.  For Canard I had the idea early and was able to get it written before camping.  Amusingly the nephew wanted to do a round of story telling around the campfire Saturday night so I ended up telling them the canard fable as best as I could remember it.  He didn't quite follow it (the tropes aren't so ingrained at 8) but my mother-in-law and husband gasped very satisfyingly at the first twist.  Tool Box I ended up writing after midnight on Sunday, and then revising heavily the next day.  I had a lot of vague ideas throughout the week, but none that sparked enough to become words on a page.  In any case there is a live poll this week divided by topic.

Week 24: read and comment and vote

- I was on the waiting list for Denver Center of the Performing Arts Broadway subscription this year, but they called Friday and we're in.  A large part of the reason for the wait list is the thing I'm super excited about, we now have tickets to Hamilton when the tour comes to town.  Funny how that tour is jumping subscription rates everywhere it stops (since it's the only way to guarantee a seat).  I hope all the companies are making good use of that cash, and planning for the likely fall-off the year after.

- We finished season 5 of Samurai Jack.  I liked how it ended and am glad that Genndy Tartakovsky came back to write his version of the end.  If you've never seen SamJack, it's one of the more unusal cartoons out there.  The visuals are stunning, and there are entire episodes with no words just images.  They really worked at the boundaries of what cartoons can do.  I was introduced to it while working on Pacific Overatures because Mako (the original reciter on Broadway) was the original voice of the villain Aku.  It's well worth trying if you've never seen it.
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