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There's your problem
I'm having some trouble settling in to work today and I have an update-y post bouncing around in my brain so maybe if I get this out then I can focus on work.

-I was voted out of <lj user="therealLJIdol"> this past week.  I had been skating close to the edge for a few weeks and knew I was close to the limit of where I could go, for two reasons.  One is simply a numbers game, LJ is my only social media account and at least 90% of who I know here that is still active is also playing, or has played, Idol.  Without voters from outside the game - friends, family, whoever clicks over from facebook (not sure if that's been happening this season or not) - it's going to be nearly impossible to win.  Which is part of the game, and I choose to stay off the book of face and other places so this isn't me whining, just pointing out a reality.  Two, the entry that I got voted out on was only good.  I've been lucky to hit a run of ideas the last month or so for topics that sparked, that needed to be written down and fussed over, that I could hand to someone with no explanation of Idol or the prompt and would still have some life (if I do say so myself - YMMV).  Those have all made it through.  What I wrote for 'Tool Box' was the best I had out of a myriad of half-started ideas, the only one good enough that I didn't get stuck two paragraphs in, and I had fun with it.  I worked to make it stand alone, but really without 'Canard' there wasn't a need for it.  And at this stage of the game, that doesn't cut it.  I've been playing since season 5 (though I've never made it to the mini-seasons) and this is the furthest I've ever gone, I've never been in the top 20 before.  So I'm quite proud and happy with what I've done.  Idol forces my brain to move in ways that don't get used so often anymore, and for that I am infinitly grateful.

-I went in for my lung function test last week.  Essentially they give you repeated small doses of a drug and then do breath tests to see if you react.  At the third dose, I reacted.  As my pulminologist put it on the phone the next day "Wow you aced that test.  A++, the results could not have been clearer."  So, I have asthma.  No idea why I have asthma now though I have some theories.  I'm taking singular (or the generic) in the evenings and in inhaler in the morning and have a follow up appointment in a month and we'll work to get this managed.  Why do I always get the interesting medical issues?

-The high temps have been in the upper 80s-90s for over a week.  I work from home and we have no AC.  We have a system of fans set up that works, but I would like it to be less hot.  Oh well, I'm making peanut butter ice cream later today as a reward for surviving the heat.  So there are positives.

-Interesting things may be coming at work.  I travel to PGH next week so our whole department is in one place for us to figure some of this out.  Ever since the move to CO I've been really bad at change - apparently that one giant change (that is still harder than I ever thought it would be) has left me scurrying for the safety of routine and the way it is everywhere else.  So we'll see how all of this goes.

-I pulled out varies skeins of yarn yesterday, several of which I had matched to patterns ages ago.  I haven't been knitting or crocheting at all in months, the heat is part of that but I've also not been interested.  It would be good to get started again.  I pulled out a gorgeous yarn, needles, and a pattern that go together so here's hoping I can get a start.

All right, back to work.

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i didn't know you could basically acquire asthma as an adult. yikes.

ooh, peanutbutter ice cream. yum. how did it come out? did you cool off?

Right, who knew that adult onset asthma was a thing? Not me, until now. Part of me wants to start googling things to learn more but I know what madness googling medical things on the internet can be so I'm holding off.

The peanut butter ice cream is amazing. Honestly, worth owning an ice cream maker just to have it a few times a year. Luckily it also rained yesterday evening, so the heat has broken for a few days at least.

Sorry about the asthma. Bummer! But you've got the right attitude about it so I figure you've got it covered.

So so much of your entry I could totally relate to. It was like a lovely getting-to-know-you meme of old. You knit! I knit! Though I haven't for several months. Stopped right smack dab in the middle of a project. Don't even remember why.

I feel very much like you about Idol. I too was ready to go "home" when I did. Although, this season was easier creatively than last year's mini-season, and my first, physically I was wondering how much I had left. I would have continued regardless for as long as allowed, but I wasn't even a little bit sad or disappointed. I mean I lasted six weeks longer that last time--that's just all kinds of awesome!

What am I doing rambling on and on?!

See? This is how engaging your entry is! Way to go! Kudos!

I tend to knit in bursts not sure why. My personal longest dropped project is a shawl that I paused on for so long that when I realized I hadn't bought quite enough yarn, not only had they discontinued the colorway but the yarn itself. Even worse, I finally finished the knitting, but the two pieces are still in my bag, waiting to be blocked and sewn together. Ah well...

Heh, please ramble. Getting to know you is fun!

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