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- We saw Green Day in concert last night.  They were amazing: the show was high-energy, the bits they did (like pulling an eleven year old out of the audience to play guitar on one of their songs) were the right mix of sweet and crazy, and they're one of those bands where I forget exactly how deep their catalog is until I realize how many of the songs I could sing along with.  It was an outdoor venue and it rained for about fifteen minutes just after they began, but the wind came up and the rain started so perfectly in time with them taking the stage and their first number that it could have been cued.

- Work is going to be crazy for the next few months. For a variety of reasons the accounting department is about to play musical chairs with responsibiities and I'm the primary focus.  I'm going to learn a new function (accounts receivable) that is a full time job on its own, so everything I do now I need to teach to one of two people: accounts payable to the current PGH receptionist who is stepping up to take this on, and all of my various other responisbilities to the other accountant in the department.  What I do now is a bit of a hodge podge, and I've spent the last year since Steve left getting it sorted and organized.  Most of my responisbilities run smoothly now with few surprises.  That does mean it's a good time to move on to something else, but I can already tell it's going to be a little hard to let go of things to folks who may not be quite as careful (anal, that's what I mean) about keeping track of everything.  There are also a few of my responsibilities dividing between the two ladies, at least in the short term, that will mean they have to talk to each other a lot to keep them straight.

As a remote employee I don't talk much, now that I'm teaching people I have scheduled meetings nearly every day and am on the phone a lot.  It's one extreme to another and I find myself getting peopled out by the end of most days.  Last week I was in Pittsburgh so we could start the processes in person, which was smart.  But that trip was more than the usual exhausting, because teaching is a whole different way of thinking about tasks you ordinarily just do, and people.  It doesn't help that my manager believes in a very hands off, sink or swim version of management, so I'm left figuring out what I need to teach who and when on my own with very little oversight.

- I wrote a draft for the last Idol prompt to home game with, but with work I never had a chance to go back and put the revision time in, which it needed.  This week i had an idea, but I never got words down at all.  It looks like I got voted out of Idol at the right time.
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