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where did October come from?

- My car hit 190,000 miles recently.  I was driving in town and got to watch all of those cylinders turn over, it was neat.  Of course, the battery died later that same week.  It was an easy fix but a sign that my 20 year old car may not have too much time left.  I'm hoping for one more winter, though there are a few maintenance things to do before the weather turns.

- Speaking of that Fall arrived here with a bang.  I'm not used to the high temperature dropping 20-30 degrees in a day.  Sunday it was 72, yesterday the high was 49 and we had frost overnight.  I'm thrilled for cooler weather but am used to a middle step, not going from t-shirts to turtlenecks in a day.

- I finally found a dentist here, went in for a check-up and cleaning and they found one cavity.  Now I've had only one cavity in my whole life before this, the bummer is it was the same cavity.  Apparently the dentist years ago didn't drill all of it out (I remember him saying it was so shallow they didn't even numb me up) and when my new dentist removed the old filling it was obivously bad - it looked dark brown.  So it has been re-drilled and re-filled.  I haven't decided, does this count as a second cavity or not?

-I've decided to read "IT" as part of the group reading in pathos_horror.  I am generally a scaredy-cat and have mostly avoided the horror genre in all things, though that's been slowly changing in the last few years.  "IT" was everywhere when I was in HS, and good friends told me I would have nightmares so I steered clear.  But I've always been curious, and figure reading it with other folks will help.  I read the first chapter this morning, and feel like that part of the story I've already heard endlessly just through pop culture osmosis.  So we'll see how this goes.

- Work continues to be - strange.  I've taught most of the parts of my old job to their new owners, and while I still twitch because they're not doing it like I would, it's getting done.  I've started learning the billing, though that is slow going because our systems are very bespoke, and there's a lot of information to learn.  So I oddly feel anxious both about what I'm not doing anymore and what I'm about to be doing. Right now on a day to day basis occasionally I have nothing to do, my old tasks are gone and new ones haven't filled in yet.  It's all weirdly stressful.  I have been/will be travelling one week a month for work from Aug-Dec which is kind of fun but also upsets all of my routines and is its own version of exhausting.  We'll see how all of this goes, I find myself chasing the back of the internet when there are productive long-term things I could be doing out of, I don't know, fear?  I'm doing well with the new stuff I've been given but I'm still not engaging all the way and I'm not quite certain why that is.

- I am running consistently again after tweaking something in my hip this summer - getting ready for a fall half-marathon.  I've also been working with a trainer once a week on strength and that has been fascinating, to figure out where my weaknesses are and work against them. 
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