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following the lemmings
If you woke up and I was in bed with you, what would be your first thought?

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Where are the other 5 people...

So you assume that if I'm in bed with you it's an orgy? I'll take that as a compliment I suppose ...

ooooh oooh I'm one of the 5 right? and why am I not there? damn, talk about wrong place wrong time. geeeez.

What did I miss a cue? I know I hit the button...

mmmrrrrfff. SWEET. wait, where the HELL are we?

I don't suppose you'd be wearing your Memphis outfit too?

Re: additional thought

hmmmmm boooooooottthhhhh

Re: additional thought

yes indeedy, my thoughts exactly....

I really thought we stopped doing this. (how many times have i said that in my life?)

I don't usually wake up with this many people in the bed...

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