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(no subject)
People from art came to our department around 1:30 to ask if I wanted to get my picture taken as a mean school teacher to be in a Klutz book! (Jenny wanted to know why they didn't ask her and Megan said she was too nice) I said yes and was very excited, and they gave me directions, and then they called just as I was about to leave and said they were going to have Peter do it in drag instead. Sigh.

What a day - when they'd rather have a man in drag than you.

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I can't decide whether the proper response is "You're probably just too cute to play a mean teacher" or "I think you'd make a great mean teacher".

Must be seizure time.

after Ragtime and coralling 35 actors on any given night I had experience to draw on to play a mean teacher - but who knows. Peter in a skirt had better be funny.

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