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That's right, my cholesterol level dropped to 180! Okay so this isn't the most exciting news ever, nor likely the most accurate test (Stanford does it as a courtesy if you donate blood) but still, two months ago I was at 202. Huh, I wonder what I'm doing?

I must say, the concept of running the show without doing other work has been fabulously spiffy. That ends on Monday when I go back to Klutz since I look forward to continuing to eat, but still it has been fun. I may have to work only one job at a time more often.

And this has been a week of wacky dreams. Like being in my college theatre (except it wasn't my college theatre. It was a strange double balconied proscenium house that somehow got shoehorned into the right spot on my college campus). And trying to get to the booth without anyone seeing me so taking all these strange ladders and back hallways. And ending up in the top balcony instead of the booth. And when I sit down briefly to figure out where I am, I drop the entire double handful of sharpened pencils I was carrying down onto the people on the main floor. No one gets hurt, and I run.

So it's between shows on a Saturday at Vincent and I'm the only one who's here. And since like an idiot I said I'd keep the building open I can't go anywhere unless someone else comes back.
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