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So I had a happy and sad day yesterday.

I went to see Cirque du Soleil's Dralion yesterday in Sacramento - it was amazing. And I spent too much money but it was like being in a different world for a few hours, and the drive with Kim was fun. It was well worth the tickets and the drive. Now I'm way excited for Varekai when it comes through in January.

But the sad - one of my fish died. And i know it was sold as a feeder fish and while tanks gang equilibrium you lose a few and blah blah, but it wasn't even quite a week. It had no name, because I refused to name them until i had kept them for a week. So i still have one - and I'll probably go buy him a friend later this week. So I need a name for just one fish.

And klutz is so slow today that Jenny is sorting rubber bands by color. it doesn't get more exciting than that.
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