Rebecca (beeker121) wrote,

Klutz school benefit day tomorrow!!

This is a quick public service announcement to anyone in the Bay Area, CA. Tomorrow, May 7, is school benefit day at the Klutz store in Palo Alto (572 College Ave.) from 10a-6p.

What is school benefit day, you ask?

Once every year to celebrate the anniversary of the store Klutz hosts this day where we donate 101% of the proceeds to local public schools.

Yes - 101%. We make no money from this day. In fact, we kick in a little extra just for fun.

There are craft tables in the backyard, and entertainers at the top of every hour (my personal favorite being the Stanford band at 5p, though this year we also get firemen out front from 1:30-2:30. whoo.) And you can buy fabulous klutz books. And then write the name of your school on the back of the receipt and blam. Donation.

I'll be at craft tables in the backyard from 2-6; or at least that's the current plan. Come by and play.
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