Rebecca (beeker121) wrote,

random bits of stuff

#1 I was supposed to go running this morning and was all set - walked outside and it started spitting at me. Not being sure about running to begin with (I think I pulled a muscle in my lower back) and not wanting to get wet, I went and got an umbrella and just went for a walk instead. Of course, this means it did not actually rain at any time.

#2 I now know three tony award winners. One of whom I even got to see give a speech on tv. (Rachel Sheinken won for the book of Spelling Bee, and Ted Sperling won for orchestration of Light in the Piazza - I know both of them from Striking 12 where they wrote the book and directed, respectively. Oh and Catherine Zuber won for costumes for Light in the Piazza, she designed ALP for TW. Maybe she's not really insane after all.)

#3 My favorite part of the Tonys. While watching the dance number from La Cage Aux Falls my friend Chryssa says "How many people in the midwest do you think have any idea that these are all men?" Hee
Tags: musicals, running

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