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bad back

So my back has been touchy recently - in large part due to the physical therapy. Since I'm now doing some strength exercises and stretching; my muscles which had settled into a comfortable and familiar state of knots are now all moving in new ways. Besides the new awareness of my posture means I'm regularly sitting up straighter which is using muscles that don't ordinarily get worked on at all. And the point?

Yesterday when I got up my lower back on the right side was a little tender - nothing awful. So I went about my day. There was an opening last night so I got all dressed up, including heels. When I walked down the stairs out of my apartment my back didn't just ache, there was a sudden stabbing pain. It wasn't constant, but throughout the night my lower back kept twinging at various points if I stepped wrong.

I took off the shoes to drive up to W&H and stayed barefoot the rest of the night, but by that point it was hurting every time I stepped with my right foot. Sadly, hopping everywhere is not so much an option. It's better today but still obviously not okay. (I'm moving like a little old lady - all slightly bent over and slow.) I find myself standing with my hip cocked to the right and with that side higher than my left. It takes an effort to put my hips even and it twinges to hold them there. So maybe one of those knots that my therapist worked out on Thursday was one I needed. Or it's chain reactioning through the rest of my back. Here's hoping that at my appointment on Tuesday she can make my lower back better. And that sitting for 8-10 hours tomorrow doesn't destroy me.
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