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John Mellencamp - live!

So I have a minor conundrum. There is a concert later this summer I want to go to. I own like 12 of his albums. And it is in fact on a day I can go which never ever happens. At worst it is the closing performance of H&M at 2pm - if that extends the full two weeks. At best it's a totally free day. So what is the problem you ask?

Well tickets are on sale now. Do I buy one for just me? Do I buy two hoping I can talk someone else into coming to this concert with me (or in the dim hope that I'll have a boyfriend by then)? Do I start trying to wrangle a group together, which would be difficult given the maybe strike happening that night as well as the fact that I don't think anyone else will be as excited about JCM as I am. Or I wait a while to get tickets and see what else happens and leave angsting for when I'm only about a month away from the date. I don't think it'll sell out anytime soon. I go to movies on my own all the time, that never bothers me. Going to a concert by myself feels like a defeat. Hmmmm...
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